Lefty crybaby snowflakes TRY to rain on our March Madness parade

HB2 cost Duke an NCAA tournament win.  THAT is the nonsense being peddled by the lefty sports media.  It’s not enough they have to fill political news, movies and TV with lefty crap.  They have to shove it down our throats during our sporting events, too. 

The argument IS that Duke was forced to play South Carolina IN South Carolina because the NCAA threw a snit-fit  over trannies in the toilet.  (STILL waiting to see those girls basketball teams integrated with boys in drag.)  The argument continues on to suggest that Duke WOULD have won if the game had been played in North Carolina — instead of across the border in Greenville, South Carolina in front of a bunch of South Carolina fans (and likely some UNC fans pulling hard for South Carolina).

First of all, Duke’s fan base is mostly in the metro DC and NYC areas.  The real reason they don’t abandon Cameron Indoor Stadium for a PNC Arena or Dean Dome type facility is that they couldn’t fill it.   Their alumni high-tail it out of the state as fast as they can.  Want a huge “home crowd” for Duke?  Go play the game in DC or NYC.

Second, Duke’s last two early losses in the NCAA tournament were at the hands of: (1) Mercer in Raleigh in 2014, and (2) Lehigh in Greensboro in 2012.  (VCU knocked the Devils out of the NCAA tournament in a 2007 game in Greensboro.)

So, it would appear that playing in-state in the NCAA tournament is actually not all that helpful to Coach K’s boys.

6 thoughts on “Lefty crybaby snowflakes TRY to rain on our March Madness parade

  1. Duke did not use that as an excuse. The one “Lefty” source you provide is a FOX station! LOL!

    1. It was a CNN wire story they reprinted. CNN counts as Lefty. Also, a Google search will find all kinds of clearly “lefty” sources blaming the loss on HB2.

  2. Sports has become too political – and lefty political – which is completely turning me off to the sports that do so, For the first time in decades, I did not watch or listen to a single ACC or NCAA tournament game this year. I have never watched sports for the politics and when they try to inject politics into sports, it is a huge turnoff.

    I applaud Rep. Mark Brody;s bill to go after the ACC’s tax exempt status over their meddling in NC politics. Go get ’em, Mark!

    1. Same here, I played basketball in college and used to love watching even regular season games. Now….I have not watched in years and it is primarily due to the lefty message every moronic ex-athlete on the screen spouts.

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