It’s been a while …



A while since we’ve reminded you about the tip jar over in the left sidebar of this site. (If you’re reading us on a device where the sidebars don’t show up, HERE is a helpful link.)


We’re approaching our ninth year in business. And BOY have we aggravated some powerful people. (I am told that various lobbying groups and politicians have been not-so-subtly threatened with retaliation by party leaders if
they’re seen advertising with us.)



Maintaining the site on the back-end is also getting more time consuming and expensive. Some people are making it their mission in life to sabotage the site or even take it down. (They’ve succeeded in knocking us offline a few times.) So more man-hours than ever are going toward dealing with that nonsense.


We have plans of jazzing up the site’s design and possibly adding some more warm bodies to the editorial side. But that’s going to require a bigger budget and more reliable cash flow.


(*Have you seen the price of MOLE food lately?*)


Over at the tip jar, you can make a one-time monetary donation of whatever size you want. (Timmy and Dave will never find out you did it.)   There is also a setting within the tip jar for a recurring monthly payment of whatever size you want.


We don’t want to go the subscription route. We want the info out there and available to the widest audience possible.


We’d love to forsake Google ads — and any other ads — and use that freed-up space to publish valuable and important information.


I’ll never forget one House member telling me about walking to the back of the chamber during debate one day. He turned around to walk back to his seat, and noticed that EVERY laptop in the chamber — both sides of the aisle — was opened to The Daily Haymaker.


A recurring monthly donation of $5, or $10, or $15 or $20 per month certainly wouldn’t break most of the people who read this site regularly. (More significant one-time donations would also be greatly appreciated.)


So, how do you get the ball rolling? Click on the Tip Jar icon (or this link) and follow the instructions therein.


Could you imagine life in the General Assembly where House Republicans couldn’t walk out of a caucus meeting and READ on our site about what they just got done discussing? (I can’t.)


You know Raleigh wouldn’t be near as much fun without The Daily Haymaker.