Dallas Rising?

Michele Nix has abandoned ship to run for Congress.  Robin Hayes is off napping somewhere — occasionally waking up to guest-star in FBI surveillance operations. 

So, like Kevin McAllister, Dallas Woodhouse is Home Alone.   In this current state of chaos and confusion and scandal at NCGOP headquarters, is it wise to leave this motor-mouthed cartoon character  IN CHARGE?   (I mean, WHAT-COULD-GO-WRONG?)

Given the current state of affairs in the party, it raised more than a few eyebrows to see this email go out today:

Could the fast-talking little guy be seeking to take advantage of the turmoil to raise his own profile?  (He  better hope there are no law enforcement surveillance tapes out there with HIS voice on them.  That would certainly throw a helluva monkey-wrench in this grand scheme.) 

Someone who didn’t know better might look at this email and think lil’ DW is the party chairman.  (Of course, no one elected him ANYTHING.  He got hired to basically run the office and keep the copiers stocked with paper.)

WHO is the last executive director of the NCGOP you can name?  (Most non-hardcore political junkies can’t name one.)  Better yet, how many of you non-hardcore politics junkies can name the current Democrat Party executive director?

The ED job is supposed to be a seen-but-not-heard post.

Dallas’s fingerprints have been on — or very close to — every foul-up or scandal that has plagued the NCGOP over the last few election cycles.   The dumbest thing North Carolina Republicans could do — next to reelecting the ol’ porch-dog Robin Hayes — would be keeping or elevating THIS GUY.