Dallas and his imagination

Jim Womack is looking like quite the prophet. He told us time and again during his recent run for NCGOP state chairman that Republicans would fall into third place in terms of statewide voter registration by October.

Drive by media reports indicate they met that benchmark in September.  

Grandpa must have been napping, but the drivebys DID manage to find Dallas Woodhouse:

[…] N.C. Republican Party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse says the numbers aren’t bad news for the GOP. “Republicans have dramatically closed the gap on Democrats and continue to do so, even this year,” he said in an email Wednesday. “The Republican Party is growing in North Carolina. The Democrat Party is not.”[…] 

Let’s take a look at the numbers compiled by the state board of elections to see how Dallas’s analysis stands up.

Year Democrat Republican Unaffiliated
2017 2640726 2055758 2056294
2016 2736124 2099551 2076361
2015 2631150 1960045 1814684
2014 2761350 2014951 1828942
2013 2759920 1991334 1709851

According to the state, Democrats AND Republicans are sporting their lowest registration totals since December 2015.  Both parties are down significantly from the end of 2016. 

If I were executive director of the “Unaffiliated” Party, I would be doing cartwheels and dancing with joy.  While Democrats have lost 119,194 registered voters since 2013 and Republicans have gained only 64,424 — Unaffiliateds have gained 346,343 new voters.

A pox on both houses? You would expect to see bigger registration gains from a party that currently owns DC and most of Raleigh.  Perhaps many voters are seeing both parties as we do — two groups that differ little in actual practice and belief fighting over control of our wallets.

We learned earlier that Democrats are spanking the NCGOP in current fundraising.  Now we’re learning that the state party is showing its lowest registration numbers since the end of 2015.  

By surrendering on family values (HB2, marriage amendment), ObamaCare, illegal immigration (Thilli$$$), taxes and spending, NCGOP is showing that it means very little to put an ‘R’ next to your name.  You’re simply getting a slightly different flavor of what the Ds are offering. 

But the beat goes on.  Certain consultants and power brokers keep their hands on that party cash.  Certain elites in the Raleigh area get to keep beating their breasts and calling themselves Mr. or Ms. ‘GOP-Go-To.’

The environment is certainly ripe for a new party and bold new political leadership.


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  1. Kindly if I may offer a slightly different perspective.

    A couple of broad points on Unaffiliated voters over taking Republicans in registration

    The most important factor to us are changes in partisan registration. Republicans have dramatically closed the gap on Democrats and continue to do so, even this year.

    We have out registered democrats something like
    22 out of the last 24 months.

    The republican party is growing in North Carolina. The democrat party is not.

    Now my numbers differ slightly from you, but remember the major purge of inactive (also dead)
    voters happens right after the POTUS election, so all parties drop back some.

    Successful Voter Registration and Retention

    · Republicans have dramatically closed the gap on Democrat voter registration advantages.

    o As of September 9th 2017 Republicans trail democrats by 584,977 registered voters, down from 865,863 when Obama was first elected.

    o From Nov. 2012 to Nov. 2016 Republicans closed the gap on the decades old Democratic registration advantage by 172,197 voters.

    · The work on voter registration and retention has continued after the election. Historically, parties generally lose registered voters as some non-voters are moved to inactive after the election. Since the November 2016 election, however, Republicans have had a net improvement relative to Democrats of 60,458 .

    Also: It is important to note that since 2010, republicans have won unaffiliated voters in every General Election. We must continue to do that to be successful.

    Also: Unaffiliated voters do not always = moderates. There are republican leaning unaffiliated voters and democrat leaning unaffiliated voters. They normally preform in elections similar to the two partisan camps.

    The reasons is while lots of people do register unaffiliated because they don’t like either party, a large % do so for non-political and cultural reasons.

    People today are less likely to affiliate with any group. The Lions, Jaycees and other civic clubs are losing members dramatically and not replacing them. But non-denominational churches are growing.

    That in no way means we don’t have lots of work to do.

    Thank you for posting my response

    Further good info from Civitas


  2. Further info: Again, thank you Mr. Clifton for allowing me to add some context.

    The only time we have lost any net voters recently is with the voter purge after the election. Even with that, we are still up year to year.

    From September 10 2016 to September 9, 2017

    Republicans are + 26,409
    Dems are -33,117

    Even the voter purge worked in our favor for partisan registration.

    We lost 31,000. Democrats lost 91,000 for a net improvement of 60,000

    Couple of other numbers:

    Sept 5 2015-September 2017

    republicans are plus +111,833

    From September 2009 to today

    republicans are + 125,000
    dems are – 127,000

    1. We got our numbers straight from the state board of elections website. If your numbers are better than theirs, I hope you’ll alert them and straighten them out.

  3. Can you imagine what the NCGOP COULD be doing if we had politicians of principle? Legislative leaders who stood up for bathroom /showerroom privacy and religious freedom instead of cowardly selling out to corporate bullies and the far left? Senators who fought hard against amnesty for illegal aliens instead of selling out to Mexico? Republicans in Raleigh and Washington who stood strong for limited government and free enterprise instead of carrying water for the special interests (like Big Solar and Big Wind, but lots of others, too)? Senators and Congressmen who stood by their pledge to repeal Obamacare?

    Imagine what we COULD be doing!

    1. Exactly! People are leaving the “partisan registration” in droves because they are being driven out by a party that routinely betrays the principles and values outlined in the party platform. The people are fed up and have had enough.

    2. I think they will find out what coulda’ and shoulda’ been done. I for one have never voted for a dem, but I will be doing so against whomever runs against Thom in ANY election where I have him on the ballot. If my representative votes for any of the amnesty, or does not vote for tax reform I will vote against him too. For my state representatives I am not as disgusted, but they are not really where they need to be..fortunately I have at least one of the two who is close to 100% in the Conservative side.

      I think they will be in for a tough time in 2018 with the national Republicans working so hard not to deliver on what they have been promising for seven years.

  4. Dallas and company will never get it. Even Moore county is gaining in unaffiliated. Why?

    We are sick and tired of the same old group – With the same old spin (Read Dallas’s above).

    As a former life long, constitutional Republican – I am now a proud Conservative constitutional Unaffiliated.

    Dallas – Those of us leaving YOUR party – Are doing so because we believe in rule of law, keeping your word and doing what is right for all.

    Spin that Dallas.

    And thank you Haymaker.

    1. One can understand the frustration of voters with the fake Republican politicians who betray us on GOP issues, but we need to stay and fight within the party. Yes there are a handful of examples of fighting outside the party. There was that New York election for Congress where the race came down to the Democrat nominee and the Conservative Party nominee with the GOP nominee a very distant third. Then there was that special election for state Senate in Pennsylvania where the local GOP executive committee denied the GOP nomination to a wealthy Tea Party leader and he then ran as an independent and handily defeated both major party candidates to win the seat. But these are exceptions, not the rule. The most effective way forward is to win the battles against the fake Republicans within our own party.y

  5. Mr. Clifton: The Civitas registration tracker is very accurate.


    but the state board numbers are strong, they just don’t always match to the day you pull them.

    My point was , every two years that the parties drop back in registration because of the voter purge. The purge is bigger post POTUS elections, because more people vote in those, and therefore more voters become inactive on that cycle, when they stop voting. (because they are dead, move away or just don’t vote anymore)

    If you just look a the numbers at the moment in time when the purge happens it can be misleading.

    The trends for republicans in North Carolina are good.

    Now: to John and others, I agree that republicans have to deliver on promises, run on strong conservative principals, be the party low taxes, cuts in spending, school choice, and National security.

    The party and our candidates must live up to the higher standards we set.

    We have lots of work to do

  6. My county Chairman has mentioned that several lifelong Republicans have served him notice in the past year that they are gone. If that is happening in other counties, the NCGOP definitely has a problem though they’ll never admit it.

    1. The bad thing is where do you go. With the limitations on ballot access the two establishment parties have a negotiated monopoly. Right now you are faced with a dem who no matter what is going to toe their radical Socialist line even if they talk sense in the election……Or you get a Republican who talks Conservative to be elected and gets to Raleigh or DC and is just a slightly less odious version of Socialism. There is no real choice there and lesser of two evils no longer is a decent choice.

      1. Spot on. Right now there are two principle avenues to get candidates elected, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. You neuter yourself to change to Unaffiliated.

        We need to have as much conservative influence within the GOP as we can to move forward conservative candidates. Picking up your marbles and registering Unafilliated means you cannot be part of that process.

        Until conservative Unaffiliateds build a structure to recruit and support candidates, they will not be a viable vehicle for electing conservatives. There are plenty of opportunities in NC for them to strut their stuff such as districts where only a RINO files and no Democrat, but they are always MIA.

        Registering Unaffiliated not only neuters your influence in the political process, but it is playing right into the hands of the liberal Republicans / RINOs. The more conservative that follow this path to oblivion, the more the RINOs grin ear to ear.

  7. The Raleigh insiders badmouth the Haymaker but Dallas’ response confirms what we all know. They sit there in their office hitting the refresh button once and hour to see what’s next.
    But when it comes to Dallas Woodhouse, this is the question I always ask.
    Those of us who have followed the NCGOP for years see the pattern of Executive Directors. The NCGOP hires someone in their late 20’s or early 30’s who stay through an election and then use it as a launching pad to something else. The ink is usually barely dry on their business cards until they are gone. So my question is, why is Dallas Woodhouse still sticking around? A man of his amazing wit, personality and last but certainly not least, political knowledge, should be scooped up by some political firm. Or why doesn’t he go out and hang his own shingle as a political consultant? The answer is simple. Because in the private sector, even the “political private sector” he would be judged on his performance and that wouldn’t be pretty. Also, he craves the spotlight and pushing a candidate or company to the forefront while he does the boring behind the scenes work required to get real results just isn’t his style. So he will sit there in his little office and take a reasonable paycheck and bask in the limited notoriety he gets in political circles.
    I supported Womack for Chairman as much to get rid of Dallas than to get rid of Hayes. Hayes is a stuffed suit. Woodhouse is an egomaniac who puts his personal goals over those of the party.
    The NCGOP has been paying the price for this clown in the voting booth and obviously in party registration as well. I will be glad to see him gone.

    1. Dallas Woodhouse is different from previous NCGOP ED’s is one other very important way. In the past the ED has been someone to carry out policy, which is their proper role. Woodhouse is on a power trip in which he has been allowed to make policy, and that is not something an ED should dbe allowed to do.

      Dallas first went to war with the chairman over power, finally going as far as conspireding to bring down the state chairman when it looked like the chairman would push back against Woodhouse’s power grabs. The elected chairman was replaced by someone who would accept a role as a figurehead for Dallas.

      Because Dallas’ group that brought down the chairman included much of the Central Committee, for two years they also went along with Woodhouse’s power grabs. Now, with some new blood, the chemistry of the Central Committee makes it no longer as controllable by Woodhouse.

      A recent situation in the party may bring things to a head. Dallas has been working with RNC on a new voter file program that would require lots of legwork by county parties to compile. The Central Committee had lots of concerns about a variety of issues, including who would own the data after two years, and whether a thrid party vendor who had a role could then sell the data to anyone they wanted, including the Democrats. Woodhouse was instructed by the Cental Committee to bring them more information on questions they had before this contract could be considered. Instead, Woodhouse announced a conference call to county chairmen on the program in which he announced it was going forward. Dallas completely blew off the Cental Committee and their instructions and proceeded on his own. The real question is whether he will be allowed to get away with this or whether he will get his walking papers, as he should. Does our new Central Committee have the gonads to do what it should?

      The NCGOP does NOT need an imperial executive director.

  8. Mr. James, I am sorry Is have disappointed you. I will always listen to constructive criticism and try to improve.

    I have made many mistakes and try, as best of my ability to correct those.

    As to why I have remained in this position, it is because I love this job and believe I am helpful in the larger goal of electing republicans. I have a pretty strong record on that.

    Plus I am actively working on a major project to overhaul our digital capabilities to make our party, from County to State, to our candidate stronger.

    We are also well above our projected money targets for the year. We will finish the year with significant cash on hand.

    We will not at the NCGOP match the fundraising of the Governor in the main NCGOP structure.
    Cooper is a formidable fundraiser.

    However as the Governor is raising loads of money for legislative races, the democrat caucuses are not.

    Our caucuses are doing quite well. While not certain, I believe when the year ends if you add up our caucuses plus the larger NCGOP, and do the same for democrats, we will be ahead of them.

    If you see things we should be doing different, please call my office and I will be honored to have
    A discussion.

    Thank you

    1. The governor is a formidable fundraiser? Could that be because they have a party on the march, engaged and organized? The lack of fundraising for the GOP sits squarely on the shoulders of both Dallas and the chairman. Yet they refuse to take responsibility. This lack of fundraising is the people speaking very loudly to you. We are fed up with a party that stands for nothing. Fed up with politicians who routinely ignore and betray the Party Platform and party leadership who say and do nothing, except hold their hands out.
      As for your digital technology, my understanding is you’re finally getting with the program that has been around for years. A day late and a dollar short. You simply refuse to understand that your lack of fundraising is directly tied to lack of fulfilling policy promises. The lack of fundraising is the people holding you accountable.

      1. Give him a bit of a break there. Coop has had fund raiser as his primary occupation for several decades. His whole tenure in the state government has been first raise funds, then go on TV to be seen as the occupant of whatever office he was in at the time. Plus, what do you think he does in between vetoes and press releases about vetoes?

  9. Had Jim Womack been able to direct some advertising or publicity to the delegates before the GOP State Convention, he may have won easily.

    I just wish that Dallas and company had been able to protect my privacy as a delegate from the daily barrage of advertisement from Hayes as well as they protected me from Jim Womack.

    The state of North Carolina now lists me as unaffiliated, but some of us find that purpose and principles still reign in the Tea Party.

    1. I’m not altogether sure that Womack didn’t “win” any more than I’m sure about those weighted vote numbers they were flashing up on the screen at the convention. The margin of victory/defeat seemed pretty lopsided as Womack racked up not only outright (100pct) wins of a lot of rural counties but he also won majorities in three urban counties, something Harnett came up short in. As an example, Womack won 15 of 25 Guilford county delegates. I didn’t think it passed the smell test then and the passage of time hasn’t changed my perspective. Mainly because if nothing else, we have learned that these usurpers will stop at nothing to retain control of the NCGOP.

    2. It stunk that NCGOP HQ provided emails and phone numbers to Hayes very early but never did seem to get the email addresses to Womack. Woodhouse played some really crooked games with the delegate lists, but even more corrupt was their spending party money for that expensive thinly disguised campaign mailing for Hayes entitled ”shareholder report”. That abuse of the party treasury should have made some heads roll, and it should send a message that no conservative should ever give to NCGOP until this corrupt bunch is ousted.

  10. The Republican Party has a serious problem with its base developing. If the failure to repeal Obamacare were not enough, now we are about to be betrayed on amnesty for illegal aliens, with Thom Tillis playing a major role in screwing us, and even Donald Trump moving hard left on the issue. This will not end well, I fear. Then on the state level, we have the HB2 repeal debacle and delaying our tax cut in the last budget to fund Democrat spending priorities These politiician’s stupidity can blow up the Republican Party.

    1. Conservative GOP leaders are voicing fury at Trump’s deal on amnesty for illegal alien ”Dreamers” and warning that he will ”blow up his base”. At least the British media are reporting that if our own media is sweeping it under the rug:


      Trump promised in the campaign to repeal DACA, but now he is working to legalize it. That sort of betrayal will cause a major blowback in the upcoming election and Thom ”Open Borders” Tillis being in the thick of the fight for amnesty for illegal aliens will likely make it even worse in our state. Disgusted conservative voters staying home will be a huge boon for the Democrats.

      There was a lot wrong with Reince Preibus, but at least he would have understood how big a political disaster this will be, something the non-political pro-DACA John Kelly does not. Kelly has also manuvered most of the conservatives who might have helped Trump understand what a debacle this will be out of the White House. Preibus at least would understand the old political saying that ”’you do not piss on your base”, a concept totally alien to Kelly..

  11. Also as noted by Gary Pearce, democrat consultant:


    Second, we’ve got a challenge among Unaffiliateds. A recent statewide poll showed that they break down this way ideologically:

    Liberal 24%
    Moderate 22%
    Conservative 42%
    If you assume the conservative Unaffiliateds vote Republican, then Democrats have to win virtually all the liberals AND moderates. Democrats should keep that in mind as they decide which way to go now.

    1. A large part of that 42% isn’t from voters that moved here last week. It’s formerly registered “R’s”. I don’t see how you can spin that in a positive light for the Party. Until the Party begins to support it’s platform, instead of anyone that happens to place an R beside their name, I don’t see this trend getting any better.

    2. Pay attention to what Woodhouse just revealed about the NC GOP strategy. By his numbers, 42% of unaffiliated voters identify as Conservative, so they’re ASSUMING they’ll break for Republican candidates, which is what they’re banking on. No mention of making honest efforts to bring the Conservative base back into the fold by supporting conservative candidates who will stand on principle. Oh, they’ll keep insisting they’ll “do better” with respect to following through on campaign promises but they have no intention of doing so. They know you’ll hold your nose and vote for whatever candidate they put forward as long as there’s an R after the name. At the end of the day, one of the most precious gifts you have to give is your vote, so stop giving it to people so unworthy of it.

      And the only reason Woodhouse needs the ED job is because he’s completely unqualified to do anything else. He’s either a burden on the Republican Party or a burden on the taxpayer. Take your pick.

      1. How are voters identifying as conservative going to help the GOP when GOP politicians keep selling out conservatism? That idiot Thom Tillis is constantly in the media undermining conservatism and makes it real obvious. Our voters in the GOP base are conservative and are getting very disillusioned with the GOP betraying conservative policy. It became abundantly clear in the Obamacare repeal circus that the GOP leadership in Congress did not want to repeal Obamacare. Instead of a real repeal, they put up a fake repeal that was jusst a rehash of Obamacare with a few tweaks and they could not even get the votes for that.

        On the state level, the repeal of HB2 and betrayal of both religious liberty and bathroom privacy in that bill has shaken the confidence of GOP base voters in the party and its elected officials. In many rural counties in my area, McCrory ran ahead of Trump and Burr because people thought he supported bathroom privacy, only to find out in the repeal circus that he actually did not. Our legislative leadership was constantly in the media cheerleading for a sellout on HB2, and even the party got into that mode publicly with Dallas Woodhouse running his stupid yap to the media supporting a climbdown. I know quite a few Republican voters who are going to be very very difficult to motivate to go to the polls in 2018 due to what was done on HB2.

        The one bright spot has been Trump, but now he is on the verge of blowing that up with his utterly asinine flip-flop on amnesty for illegal aliens. Instead of abolishing DACA amnesty as he promised in the campaign, Trump seems to be trying to legalize it, and in a way that is even worse than Obama’s DACA. The only good thing on that front is that Trump is still twisting and turning and may get out of that trap If he does not, then he will also turn off a lot of GOP voters.

        The party needs to hold our politicians feet to the fire to stop betraying our voters on key issues, or they will see their voters abandon them. They will not start voting Democrat, but they will start staying home when there is no real difference between the parties on key issues.

        Off year elections are won and lost on who has the most motivated base to turn out, and the stupid GOP is doing all they can to motivate their base to just stay home.

    3. Dallas, you are not very good at political analysis are you? Most people who tell pollsters they are ”moderates” are not in the middle of the road on all issues. They tend to be conservative on some issues and liberal on others. The trick is to appeal to them on the issues on which they are conservative. A good example is the immigration issue. A few years ago, the Washington Post did a poll in which they asked if giving illegal immigrants ”a pathway to citizenship” would cause a voter to be more likely or less likely to vote for a Republican candidate. Among both self-identified independents and self-identified moderates, considerably more voters said it would make them less likely to vote for a GOP candidate who supported “a pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants than one who opposed that pathway.. Thus, taking the conservative position on immigration tends to help a Republican with both moderate voters and independents. This is an example of a specific issue on which moderate voters tend to be more conservative than liberal. There would be other issues on which they would tilt more to the liberal position.

      As Jesse Helms liked to say ”the only things you find in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead skunks”. The key is staying conservative buy stressing the conservative issues that appeal to voters.

  12. Much of the post about our data project is incorrect. There is no third party vendor that will have our data for sale. It is not possible under penalty of law and contract.

    We are providing counties with tools and assets to make their operations successful. We are investing in them significantly, the largest investment ever in county parties. That said, none are required to do anything

    1. The point, Dallas, is that the Central Committee, from my information. told you to bring them back answers to questions they had so that they could make a decision. Instead of providing that information and recognizing their authority, you proceeded with the deal. That is arrogance and contempt for authority by a party bureaucrat such as your self.

  13. GUWonder has it right. The Central Committee had so many unanswered questions about NationBuilder at our meeting 3 weeks ago staff was directed to update us, with answers, before signing. From my POV this initiative has little value to rural counties or those with minimal R populations. The Third District meeting last weekend reaffirmed this with only 1 county Chairman endorsing it but with the caveat that it was not worthwhile for his rural county. I can’t wait to see our financials when filed and the budget presentation in Cary 11/11.

    1. Carl, can the Central Committee instruct staff to give the Executive Committee the same documentation they give the Central Committee in order to consider the budget? The Central Committee only proposes the budget while the Executive Committee is charged with approving it. Railroading the budget through the Executive Committee as it has been done the last few years is a travesty. There is no transparency and no time to examine and debate the budget. Lots more information is needed to be made available including on salaries. It was appalling when the state chairman was being paid a large salary and the Executive Committee never was given a vote to approve or disapprove or even told the amount.

      I would suggest that the proposed budget be made available at least two weeks before the meeting at state headquarters for any state executive committee member to examine.

      The executive committee needs to grow a pair and refuse to be used as a doormat any longer.

      1. The executive committee is very large and consists of people ranging from those who care about advancing a conservative agenda to social butterflies like that Wayne county bubblehead who mainly care about hobnobbing and cheerleading for the State leaders to legislators with their anti-Party, anti-conservative agendas. Naturally, such an unwieldy body doesn’t function well, especially when it is (by intentional design) infested with legislators and central committee members who automatically have a built-in conflict of interest with the purposes of the ExComm. Membership in the latter should be confined to County Party leaders and Members at Large. As for the NCGOP, it has been taken over by individuals who are now routinely breaking Party rules to keep power and keep conservatives from interfering with the Jones Street money crowd and their legislative allies.

        1. Good point that having all legislators automatically being voting members of the state executive committee needs to be reconsidered. When that provision was put in the Plan many decades ago, there were only a handful of GOP legislators, but now they are a massive voting block on the state executive committee. Also, when that provision was put in, almost all legislators came up through the party ranks to become legislators, and now that is often not the case.

  14. The State Chairman receives no salary, currently.

    Last year we arranged an inspection period a week before where people could come to the office and see the proposed budget. It may not be much, but it had not done before. We also invited people to view and ask questions about the budget the morning of the meeting during the central committee meeting.

    I would remind you we had our budget (or parts of it) posted on the internet in recent years by members of the Executive Committee in violation of party rules as well as Roberts Rules of Order.

    It is why we don’t print documents. We do not want to provide our sensitive information to the other side.

    1. No, Dallas, you can make up all the nonsensical excuses you want, but this is simply a control mechanism to run the party in a top-down fashion. There is simply no way the executive committee can properly do its job of considering and adopting the budget the way you ram it through. Most members do not have the luxury of being able to make a special trip to Raleigh just to see the budget, and they should not have to..

      On the chairman’s salary, that could be changed easily and quickly if there were a new chairman or the present one changed his mind the way the budget is now set up.

    2. This post proves you a idiot and what is wrong with the party… A budget inspection period what a joke

      When the executive committee meeting is called every member should be mailed a copy of the budget with the notice of the meeting. That is how a proper organization would do things.

      And while some people call that extreme a least a printed copy should be handed to each member in attendance

      I hope some people ask for historical budget comparisons in this years meeting but if you do be well aware that grandpa might wake up from his nap to let you know any questioning of the budget is hysterically questions

      There once was a show called last comic standing and one comic would challenge the other comic saying I am funnier the so in so

      Clearly most of us could fullfill the roll of Ed better than you

      I could be a better ED than the current one

  15. Dallas, you budget paranoia makes no sense at all. Budgets change little from year to year, and all spending has to be reported to the SBOE and FEC. You can have everyone from the Keystone Kops to James Bond protecting your precious budget but you cannot get around that reality. Democrats wanting to find out the structure of the NCGOP’s spending only have to pull the SBOE and FEC reports and they get all the info they need. There is no way you can stop them from doing that either.

    “Protecting” the salary information of staff is in the same category. Getting the SBOE and FEC reports, which are available online, and doing a little math, and you have those numbers. Indeed, someone ought to do that, make copies at pass it out at the meeting just to shut down that silly argument. Maybe the Haymaker can even compile them and write an article laying them out for everyone. Heck, it would be interesting to also see the same info for the NC Dems.

    Given how readily available this financial info is online, the charade of ”protecting” the budget is downright silly. All it does is deny the folks responsible for approving the budget having the information they need to do their job in a useful and timely manner and format.

    For many years, printed copies of the proposed budget were passed out to the executive committee, and there is simply no valid reason not to do that now.

  16. The FEC/SBE reports only disclose spending AFTER it happens, not before.

    One another point, it is interesting to me that we get critiqued for not being up to date and modern, but if we modernize the party and invest in technology for the county parties, we are being top down. Even though none of the county parties have to take part. That seems like we can’t win either way.

    The Chairman and I are excited that we will be providing new tools fo assist our counties and help them be successful.

    1. But because budgets change so very little from year to year, last yeat’s data tells the Dems all they want to know. A fresh copy of the budget would add little. You are just making excuses, Dallas.

      1. it has nothing to do with hiding the budget it is about maintaining control over the members of the executive committee if you give them too much freedom to question the budget then they will start asking too many questions about everything else

        I had be on the committee the majority of the last decade and a half and after seeing how it has changed over the years for the worse these are the facts the back up my opinion when it comes to the party PoO and how it no longer serves the average Republican in the state but only helps people in power keep power and weakening excom meetings is a big part of that

  17. Patrick: Its hard to address legit concerns via name calling. If you want to discuss this issue and send me questions please call my office.

    We will include historical information.

    1. I have talked to you in person. I have talked to you on the phone. I have seen you in action at conventions. I have seen you in action in meetings. I have seen you in actions. I am not impressed. I hate no clue who you were before you were hired and had a open mind its not so open any more now that time has passed. when said idiot I stand by that cause it was in direct response to what you had typed and the statement you made trying to justify decisions being made Maybe it is not you maybe it is me but lots of others here seem to have similar perspectives so maybe all of us are the problem

      Then again the party has have A rated senators like Mike Lee 100%
      and then the party has others like F rated senators like Tom The Terrible Tillis 37%

      So who is a good senator in this comparison ? that questions will separate the conservatives from people with R after their name that worship a political party and seems to seek nothing but status but again that is my opinion and maybe the others that think like me are the problem

    2. I have talked to you in person. I have talked to you on the phone. I have seen you in action at conventions. I have seen you in action in meetings. I have seen you in actions. I am not impressed. I hate no clue who you were before you were hired and had a open mind its not so open any more now that time has passed. when I said idiot I stand by that cause it was in direct response to what you had typed and the statement you made trying to justify decisions being made Maybe it is not you maybe it is me but lots of others here seem to have similar perspectives so maybe all of us are the problem

      Then again the party has people like A rated senator Mike Lee 100%
      and then the party has others like F rated senator Tom The Terrible Tillis 37% (Again name calling I know but 37% is not a little name calling justified at this point)

      So who is a good senator in this comparison ? that question will separate the conservatives from people with R after their name that worship a political party and seems to seek nothing but status but again that is my opinion and maybe the others that think like me are the problem

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