A note to our readers

illbebackThis weekend, I will start taking some medical leave.  I have a surgical procedure scheduled for this coming week that the doctors tell me really shouldn’t wait much longer. It will require some time offline and / or off-the-grid.

So, there will be no new content on the site for the duration of the upcoming week.  (If all goes well, I anticipate returning somewhat to ‘fighting form’ on or about May 12.)

We appreciate the support you’ve shown for the site.  Please stick around and come back to see us when I return from my little medical situation. 

26 thoughts on “A note to our readers

  1. You will be missed. Here’s one for your readers to ponder while you’re away.

    “When the public fears their elected officials our system of government has failed, but when the elected officials are so scared shitless of the public that they create a personal budget line item for DependsTM then it’s working just about right, but still keep turning up the heat.” S. Dogood

  2. Prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery from the procedure. We’re pretty good at chicken soup too – long on advice as well. Come back stronger than ever. WE CARE!

  3. Hope all goes well. Take the time you need to recover, Thanks for all you do to shine the light on the honorables.

  4. If it looks like Obama, behind the surgeon’s mask, hop off that table and hightail it!

    Going to miss my Daily Haymaker morning fix.

    Take it easy as fast as you can.

  5. Brant, you are such an asset to the conservative movement in North Carolina, we will miss getting the straight scoop on what is going on for a week. I pray for a speedy and complete recovery. And I hope you have real insurance, not Obamacare.

    1. One thought while you are gone is that it would be nice to borrow a practice from RedState and leave an open thread or two, maybe one on the legislature and one on the state convention. Maybe some of your moles could post directly there while you are out.

  6. Yeah … if you don’t come back soon, we’ll end up with Ellmers again in 2016. You can’t do that to us.
    Prayers and good wishes.

  7. Brant,
    We appreciate you more then you know. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Take the time necessary to get healthy. We need you in this fight.

  8. Brant,we will miss your postings but more important we want you in good shape to fight the good fight. Best wishes for the medical procedure and make sure you take the time to heal before jumping back into the fray.

  9. Brant, sad but hopeful news after enjoying the Pinehurst Concours and Three a Dog Night Concert in your neck of the woods. Best wishes and prayers for a complete and speedy recovery after your procedure. You are truly a gift to your thousands of readers…much appreciated.

  10. You will remain in my prayers for a full recovery, and in your case, that you may be stronger than before.

    You’re young; that is your advantage to ‘kick ass and take names’.

  11. Everything went well, so get those super secret caucus meetings in while you can. You’ve got about a week maybe. Of coarse we’re all still watching, listening, and you’ll never know who or where.

    1. Glad to hear the good news. Brant is a tremendous asset to the conservative cause in NC. It will be good to have him back and firing on all cylinders.

    2. It went well? What a relief!

      So, Brant, maybe you can just TRY to type a little, while still on the bedpan and flat on your back. What’s the word from your Haymaker Underground Mole Posse? (HUMP)

      (I reckon sensitivity isn’t one of my strengths.)

    1. Agreed. I am getting a little concerned that Brant has not posted in several days, given his recent medical situation.

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