Robeson County pols crack down on anti-corruption crusader

It appears that Gerome Chavis is getting on the last nerve of the political bosses in this economically-depressed, corruption-infested, political-machine-driven Democrat stronghold:

Robeson County’s government has taken out a temporary restraining order on Gerome Chavis, the face of the local We the People movement, which would prevent him from attending meetings of the Robeson County Board of Commissioners.

A hearing on the order is scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday in the Robeson County Courthouse, according to Gary Locklear, the interim attorney for the county. Chavis can ask that certain causes in the order be dropped or he can ask for a hearing in order to try to have the order dismissed, according to Locklear.

Locklear said the order also forbids Chavis from publishing inaccurate information about the board as a body and about individual commissioners, and prohibits Chavis from being closer than 100 feet from the board as a whole and individual board members.[…] 

I can’t imagine that will pass the whole constitutional smell-test. Critics of public figures — especially elected officials — have more leeway than those who publicly criticize private individuals.

If Chavis has threatened these people to the point they fear bodily harm or death, that would be time to call in law enforcement. But that’s not what they’re doing.

They’re bullying a guy who has been exposing their shenanigans and telling it like it is.

Sources on the ground in Robeson tell me that Chavis’s Facebook page and his Youtube channel are THE most effective ways to disseminate information across the county — surpassing even the 100-plus year old local paper. 

This particular case sounds so similar to the case involving The Haywood Five in the western part of the state.  One  wonders if the Duke Law School First Amendment Clinic might be interested in intervening here as well.

23 thoughts on “Robeson County pols crack down on anti-corruption crusader

  1. Whatever judge signed such a politically motivated banana republic type order should be stripped of his black robe.

  2. STOP the corruption in Rob Co!! My grandma always told me..”if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”! Gerome is exposing nothing but the truth about these crooked politicians and people.. LEAVE HIM alone!!! He has hundreds of others that will willingly take his place!!

    1. This guy has done more for Robeson County in just the last 2 months than anyone has. He is exposing all these crooked people. We need more people like Gerome Chavis. We the people is a movement that really is a great things that Mr Chavis has called all those crooked people out. My hat is off to you Mr Gerome Chavis.

  3. I agree! I say Allow Gerome access… what do they have to hide? He is NOT putting out information that is incorrect, he is in fact exposing corruption in our county and that has gone on for years… you can not shut out the citizens of this county at these community/public meetings because you dont like your dealings coming to light. Its time for this mess to stop.

  4. Gerome is making the kitchen too hot. It’s not slander and libel if it’s the truth! Remember Raymond Cummings voice on that video, ugly vile words about his people. Someone has to stand up! Like someone commented before if you take Gerome out of the meetings you have 6 more willing and able to take his place! Corruption is ugly. Exposing it is what We The People is about

  5. Everyone has a right as a citizen of the United states of America to voice their opinions . Gerome Chavis has proven thru his videos on how corrupt Robeson County is. These scammers, in Robeson County has gotten away with so much and lined their own pockets. Walking around thinking they couldn’t be touched. But Gerome Chavis knocked a dint in that. He put the heat on them all. Common sense will tell you if you have nothing to hide then why run like a chicken with your head between you legs and then try and push your so called athority around. We the people need to know the truth. And why ,how and where the lumbee money is being spent, and why only certain people can get help. And the list goes on and on. Yea Gerome Chavis I stand by you. Praying for RobCo.

  6. Gerome Chavis is doing a wonderful job and they are mad at him cause he is telling the truth on them and that he is for the people gerome chavis keep up the good work and we are going to stand behind u 100 percent

  7. They know as good as we all do …if they felt they was going to get harmed in anyway ..They would have called the police …What it all comes down to ,is they can’t take the truth …They have lied to Robeson COUNTY long enough …He’s uncoving their dirt ,that they have under the rug …if they didn’t have nothing to hide they wouldn’t make a big deal out of it ….Get them Gerome WTP STAND WITH YOU

  8. How is haring video of officials actual words from the complainants mouths be inaccurate? How can he record their voices at 100 feet? I think this is petty. Pleaser allow the ears and voice of “We The People” back in!

  9. At the next election…time to vote these people out…Corruption stops when we show up at the polls… Let your voice be heard at the polls

  10. All the county commissioners have an agenda. Each and everyone has played politics and used their influence to persuade other people. Raymond and roger are targets. Sure they need to vote on term limits but that will never happen. People forget that the one with the power controls the county, right now that power rest with the minority people. Remove the current power and it shifts back to Lumberton. It’s a power struggle. Manipulation is being used by both sides. I disagree with the antics being played and I disagree with character assaults on anyone unless they target every person on the board. People remember this, Raymond and roger and mr Noah where not the only people in the board serving their interest, all of them have their agendas. We do not need to reset back 40 years, we need to unite the board and do what is best for the county

  11. Most of Robeson county public officials are as crooked as the Lumber River. There will be a day of reckon for all. I bet they attend church on Sunday with their amen and hallelujah. They should be ashame of themselves.

  12. Gerome needs to get behind on the absentee ballot and find out the individuals that was behind the corruption of those ballot also he needs to follow the money trail from November election.

  13. No idea who posted this comment from Adrian E. Lowery, using my work logo. But, I am Adrian E Lowery and I never posred It.

  14. Folks I appreciate the kind words . We have a lot of work ahead of us . Together we can’t loose !! Merry Christmas

  15. It’s time to repeal and replace there entire list of unconstitutional in house practices. It is time to put the heat on the strawman and the kangaroo courts that conduct these felonious infringements on the rights of WE THE PEOPLE. They have all sold out for the prospect of getting ahead in a place that is nearly a century behind in all aspects of the practice of legal defense, judgement, and Justice for ALL.

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