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#nc-09: As evidence of DEM mischief grows, Dallas, Robin, NCGOPe bend over, grab ankles, SURRENDER

It’s becoming more and more clear that DC operatives tied to Labor, leftist interest groups, and the national Democrat Party were neck-deep in at least TWO congressional elections in North Carolina — using shell companies and PO boxes to do the SAME THING Bladen’s McRae Dowless is accused of doing.  Unfortunately, the NCGOP establishment, led by Robin Hayes and Dallas Woodhouse, is: caving in, admitting wrongdoing and agreeing to liberal…

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DC group messing with Robeson absentee ballots has deep ties to nat’l. DEMs, Labor, and radical Left

The Voter Participation Project, which we learned was aggressively pushing absentee ballots on Robeson County voters a month before the congressional election, is looking less like an educational, public interest group and more like a political organ for the radical Left and national Democrats. According to GuideStar: The Voter Participation Center’s (VPC) mission is to bring more people into our democracy and ensure that those who are traditionally underrepresented are…

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#ncga: Asheville-area senator tosses her hat in ring for Lt.Gov in 2020

One of the more outspokenly liberal voices on Jones Street will be trying to fill Dan Forest’s chair after he vacates it to run for governor. Here’s state senator Terry Van Duyn (D-Buncombe) making the announcement on Twitter today:   (Here’s the link to the video.)

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Robeson County pols crack down on anti-corruption crusader

It appears that Gerome Chavis is getting on the last nerve of the political bosses in this economically-depressed, corruption-infested, political-machine-driven Democrat stronghold: Robeson County’s government has taken out a temporary restraining order on Gerome Chavis, the face of the local We the People movement, which would prevent him from attending meetings of the Robeson County Board of Commissioners. A hearing on the order is scheduled for 11 a.m. Monday in…

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ANOTHER sketchy DC DEM group messed with absentee ballots in Robeson County

“We The People Robeson County” — a grassroots band of anti-corruption crusaders — has uncovered the involvement of a leftist-oriented DC-based group in the dissemination of absentee ballots in Robeson County.  (Robeson is one of the counties in the contested Ninth Congressional District.) “We The People” posted photos of a mailing from something called “The Voter Participation Center.”  The mailers included a letter instructing recipients to fill out an absentee…

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Are SOME lefties starting to see our point on ‘Going Green’?

The folks who owned The N&O for decades sold out to McClatchy and bought the local paper here in Moore County.  Of course, they’ve imported their leftist worldview into our very yellow-dog Republican county. The editorial page is reliably leftist. That’s why it threw me for a loop to see an editorial from  that crowd confessing that the desire to recycle may not be worth the cost: It’s not that…

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(Hmmm.) DCCC played absentee ballot game in Robeson County.

It appears the US House Democrats’ political arm was in the Ninth District prior to Election Day tinkering with absentee ballots: […]According to Robeson election records, an operative from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee dropped off one box of requests on Oct. 8 and another on Oct. 10, totaling 603 voter registration or absentee ballot request forms, less than a month before the election. A DCCC representative whose business card…

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#ncpol: Vidant Medical picking a fight with state treasurer

How smart is that when you are trying to get the man to approve your merger with ECU Physicians? (Seriously.) Vidant Medical Group — the biggest dog in Eastern North Carolina for healthcare delivery — is throwing down the gauntlet in the direction of state treasurer Dale Folwell.  Check this out from the Facebook page for one of their properties: Let’s see —  a whole lot of exaggeration with a…

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#ncga: What did Bob Steinburg KNOW about aide’s thievery?

As Bob Steinburg and his inner circle rage on about an alleged political conspiracy against his top legislative aide and campaign manager, we’re going to stick with documentation and cold-hard FACTS. Team Steinburg’s decision to go after the Dare County district attorney who prosecuted Diana London has resulted in the prosecutor himself releasing all of his notes related to the plea deal he struck with London. One of the more…

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#ncga: Team Steinburg preps for war against Dare Co. DA

With most politicians, if an aide runs afoul with the law, the pol and the aide quietly go their separate ways and the subject gets changed.  Bob Steinburg isn’t like most people.  *EVERYBODY — and I mean EVERYBODY — is out to get him.* (And he’s going to GET them right back.)  Diana London — Steinburg’s legislative assistant and campaign manager — pleaded guilty this week to misdemeanor larceny.  She…