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NC-09: Columbus County EVEN WORSE than Bladen.

They’ve got a sheriff who may not actually live IN the county.  Now, it appears Columbus County may have more missing ballots than neighboring Bladen County, which is earning all the national media attention: As evidence mounts of potential election fraud in Bladen County, WECT has learned this may not be an isolated problem. WECT has just uncovered that things in Columbus County may be even worse. About a third…

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Elizabeth City paper: Bob Steinburg needs to apologize.

I know.  I know.  The guy who intersperses his vicious personal attacks on political foes with self-righteous proclamations about his ‘Christianity’ won’t do it. He’ll caterwaul and moan about his young innocent legislative aide being “injured,” but won’t say a word about his (and his inner circle’s) previous bad behavior toward his past political opponents.   Apologizing is not senator-elect BS’s style.  He’s  more of a slander-praise-Jesus – slander-some-more-move-on kind of…

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NC-09: Robeson legislator’s campaign also paid folks to play the absentee ballot game

It appears that NC Rep. Charles Graham (D-Robeson) joined D.A.-elect Matt Scott (D) and NC Senate candidate John Campbell (D) in shelling out cash to local politicians and other local folks to do pretty much the same stuff McRae Dowless is being scrutinized for next door in Bladen County. The Graham campaign reported receiving a $5000 check from The North Carolina Democratic Party on November 1.   (Election Day was…

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#ncpol NC-09: A new primary ??? (Why????)

We’ve already addressed our dumbfounded amazement and disappointment that the NCGOPe is rolling over and playing dead over this blatant attempt by Leftists to steal the 9th congressional district. Mark Harris WON a primary.  It got certified. Mark Harris won a general election. His opponent conceded.  The NCGOPe needs to stand by their victorious nominee.  A congressional district and its voters should not be held hostage over allegations. (Of course,…

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Does newly-elected sheriff ACTUALLY LIVE IN the county he was elected to serve?

That is the question being asked by Columbus  County voters and some drivebys in southeastern North Carolina: There’s no power hookup, there’s no trash service and the owner of a property in Cerro Gordo is not paying any taxes for structures associated with this property, according to Columbus County tax records. Yet newly elected Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene claimed that property along Page Mill Road as his primary residence…

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#nc-09: Even MORE DEM mischief in Robeson County

The hits just keep coming from my home county.  (My home folks don’t do much well.  But when it comes to screwing around with elections, some folks down there do world-class work.)  We told you earlier about county commissioner Jerry Stephens and his sketchy get-out-the-vote PAC.  Stephens got paid about $14,000 from Democrat DA candidate Matt Scott in the general election.  Scott, of course, got money from the state Democrat…

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TWO MORE YEARS of Speaker Timmy

He’s at the center of concurrent state and federal probes.  But that didn’t stop his colleagues from reelecting state Rep. Tim Moore to another term as Speaker of the North Carolina House.  We had heard from a number of sitting House members that a senior GOP House member was putting out feelers about a potential challenge to Moore for the speaker position.  Apparently, that didn’t pan out.  Apparently, the House…

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Wayne Goodwin needs to shut up. (Seriously.)

There’s nothing like listening to a lecture on ethics and good behavior from a confirmed sleaze.  But that’s what the driveby media is subjecting us to.  And state Democrat Party chairman Wayne Goodwin is more than happy to oblige them.   Goodwin is all over social media and the driveby media questioning Mark Harris’s integrity and strongly suggesting he was okay with criminal conduct in his recently completed congressional race….

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#ncga: Steinburg’s Girl Friday FIRED (on a Tuesday)

It’s interesting  that the Elizabeth City paper has this in its hard copy edition, but not online.  Seems like somebody is trying to do their part to keep the story from going viral on the Internet. (But as long as there is a Haymaker, what needs to go viral WILL go viral.) That’s right.  The man has gone from “full confidence” to throwing her out the door in a very short…

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#nc-09: Calls for Josh Malcolm to recuse himself from Bladen-Robeson probes GROW

We got the ball rolling.  NC State Board of Elections chairman Joshua Malcolm is too closely tied to the political machine suspected of being behind sketchy, possibly-illegal election activities in Robeson County.  It’s pretty clear Roy Cooper elevated him to chairman to protect the Democrat interests in Robeson County while focusing on alleged Republican activity in Bladen County.  As a member of the Robeson County board of elections, Malcolm led…