Gettin’ all WOKE over — um, teeth-whitening ???

Yes, folks.  Thanks to The N&O and a staffer for North Carolina’s First Lady, the latest social justice beat-down is targeting a Raleigh dental clinic:

A Raleigh dental office has apologized after facing backlash on social media for a local magazine ad with racial undertones.

Renaissance Dental Center, located in Raleigh, placed an advertisement in Midtown Magazine’s May issue featuring three Caucasian doctors, Anita Wells, Jill Sonner and Anna Abernethy, each wearing a dress of a different culture.

The headline reads, “Everyone smiles in the same language!” Underneath the photo of the three doctors, the text reads “Free whitening system.”

And below that, the ad says “No matter your accent or origin, everyone can appreciate a beautiful smile…”

The full-page ad features three caucasian doctors, Dr. Anita Wells, Dr. Jill Sonner and Dr. Anna Abernethy, each wearing a dress of a different culture.[…]

Ilina Ewen, the chief of staff for North Carolina’s First Lady, Kristin Cooper, posted a picture of the ad on Facebook Wednesday, which garnered strong disapproval from other Facebook users, who objected to the word choice and unintentional irony, with comments like:

“Free whitening system indeed.”

“No excuse to be clueless anymore. This is shameful.”

“This is like if SNL did a parody on clueless white people.”

“Do not dress up in Native American or Japanese garb if you are white, like it’s some kind of whimsical joke. How hard is this? (It’s not.)”[…]

Nice.  Roy Cooper spent much of his last campaign sabotaging economic development in North Carolina on behalf of HB2 repeal.  Now, his wife’s chief-of-staff is going after a local WOMAN-OWNED business.  (Why does the NC First Lady even HAVE a staff?)

This became news when the Cooper crony put it on Facebook.

Here’s the ad that has stirred this social justice furor:

A male dental colleague has offered up a defense of the ladies in the article’s comment section:

 Of course, the ladies and Midtown Magazine have backed down and “apologized”:

[…] In a statement emailed to The News & Observer, Connie Gentry, publisher of Midtown Magazine, apologized for the advertisement.

“The most important thing I have to say is how very sorry I am that an offensive ad was published,” Gentry said. “In hindsight, it’s obvious that this ad was in poor taste and should not have been allowed. I’m truly sorry this mistake was made; it simply never occurred to the team at Renaissance Dental or our team at Midtown that the ad would be perceived as anything other than how it was intended.”

“We have partnered with Renaissance Dental Center for several years and will continue our partnership, including working together to make amends for this ad. We know there was no ill-intent behind the ad, and we sincerely apologize to our readers and the community. “[…]

And here’s Twitter:

The “offensive ad” has been pulled from the magazine’s online addition and replaced with this:

*Gee. I suddenly have the urge to start commuting to Raleigh for my dental check-ups. *

Folks, we’ve GOT to lighten up.

5 thoughts on “Gettin’ all WOKE over — um, teeth-whitening ???

  1. The only thing I find offensive is that people who have done nothing wrong feel the need to apologize. Why are we allowing the crazies to dictate to us?

  2. Good one Brant!
    “Lighten up”, are we even allowed to say that anymore?
    The new national pastime is obtaining victim status by any means necessary, and being offended at the most unintentional and innocuous slight appears to top the list.
    I can remember when it was admirable for someone to wear the jewelry, clothing etc., made by someone of another culture. All trade between ethnic groups must cease, and we should all become isolated in our own little walled cities of genetic purity for fear of being accused of cultural appropriation!
    Sounds a whole lot like the evil we used to call segregation.

  3. I’m of Scottish ancestry, and have no problem with this ad. Just wanted to make that clear.

  4. Boy, there are waaaay too many people out there with not enough to do. I guess sitting in a corner with Ol’ Roy has gotten boring so Ms. Coop had to make up some kind of fake controversy to pass the time. And we know the N&O has not got much to do for the few remaining “journalists” so faking up some controversy seemed like a way to pass a day.

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