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Cooper wants the lunch ladies evaluating your kid’s mental health

Gun control weenies want to empower the hourly employee at War-Mart’s gun counter to evaluate each customer’s mental state.  Now, Governor Roy Cooper wants to give the same power to the lunch lady at your kid’s school: Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday called for $130 million in the state budget for personnel, training and facility upgrades he says are needed to improve school safety in North Carolina. “No educator should…

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When Tom Tancredo met Chapel Hill’s ‘peace & love’ crowd

Leftists are running amok with their rioting, looting and all-out mayhem.  Yet, somehow, Donald Trump has to apologize for it.  Former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo — a long time anti-amnesty warrior — cited his attempt a few years back to deliver a speech at UNC-Chapel Hill as an example of how violent and out-of-control leftists have become:  […] These celebrity cherubs and their sycophantic pols see Nazis everywhere and shudder…

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#ncga: Taxing & regulating gambling?

That’s an idea that intrigues us.  Taxes on gambling are paid voluntarily, as opposed to the current confiscatory practices of our state and federal revenue agencies.  Doing something like this — coupled with reducing or eliminating some of the confiscatory taxes — might be something we could get behind. Setting up a legal framework would bring gambling out of the shadows and produce an economic boom like you see in…

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#NCGA Sen. Jeff Tarte — respect his authoritah !!!

When we last saw state senator Jeff Tarte he was babbling maniacally ON CAMERA at two constituents who simply wanted to ask him about some legislation he was sponsoring. (He sicced NCGA security on one of the constituents — a young woman accompanied by a number of small children.)  This kind of behavior has emboldened us to take a closer look at exactly what this head case from Mecklenburg has…

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Coal Ash kibosh: Screw commissions. Just DO YOUR JOBS !!!

For years, the news has been peppered with stories about politicians setting up study panels and commissions to deal with a certain issue.  A lot of hearings and press conferences are held.  And very little actually gets done.  Can you honestly think of the last special commission, committee or panel that ever accomplished anything substantive?  (I’ll give you some time to think on that one.)   These special commissions and…

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#ncga: Sex And The (capital) City

We all remember the hubbub over the chief of staff (and roommate) to then-speaker Thom Tillis getting caught in a tryst with a Jones Street lobbyist.  Then, late last year, the state ethics commission said sex does not count as trading something of value. Now, a quartet of House members — Faircloth, Glazier, Grier Martin, and Leo Daughtry — have decided to address the whole matter with some legislation:  […] SECTION…

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Meanwhile, the amnesty implementation crowd is staffing up in Raleigh

Jobs are pretty scarce in North Carolina and across the country — thanks to Barry Obama and his fellow statists in DC.  But — good news — some folks are hiring! The US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants has a number of openings in its Raleigh field office. From reading the ads and job descriptions, it sounds like they are expecting some serious business in the upcoming weeks and months….

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‘The hard toll of easy guns’

*SIGH*. That’s the headline of the N&O op-ed that is being echoed and cheered by Blinkin’ Chris and his comrades at Goodmon, Inc. Rush Limbaugh used to have an “SUV update” parody segment, where he made fun of various drive-by reports that blamed actual automobiles — and NOT the people driving them — for various and sundry car accidents. The N&O’s Ned Barnett is carrying on that tradition, but with…

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#ncga: No ID? Give them an absentee ballot and move on.

A group of Democrat senators has introduced a bill calling for JUST that.  Given that the GOP runs the upper chamber, I would lean toward thinking that this bill has no prayer.  But then, I thought there was no chance in hell that a GOP-led Senate would bless a gas tax hike.  The left went bats–t crazy when the GOP-led legislature passed a watered-down voter ID bill during the last…

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Monkey Business Report: Welcome to Madison County!

The politicians in Madison County are showing that they can hold their own with their neighbors in Haywood County.   We’ve received word of some antics during a recent meeting of the Madison County board of commissioners: Commissioners clashed down party lines last Tuesday night as the board seems to struggle to unite since the election. One thing became clear during January’s regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners-at least for…