Monkey Business Report: Doubling down in Cabarrus County

We told you about the Clintonesque *fun* some Cabarrus County politicos are having with the word “present.”

Now, let’s look at the mischief that county’s board of commissioners has on its agenda for Monday evening. 

Apparently, according to pages 1-2 of the linked meeting packet, this bunch has placed some changes to their operating rules on the consent agenda.  Usually, the consent agenda is for items viewed as routine or non-controversial. Unworthy of debate.  (The consent agenda usually gets passed with ONE blanket vote. Everything is approved at once.)

Judge for yourself if the information I am about to hit you with fits any of those categories.

Check out Pages 108-109 of the meeting packet linked to this post:

So, this allows actual attendance at a meeting — which you were elected to attend — optional.  You can STILL influence the meeting, but you don’t actually have to attend. 

Now, let’s move on to page 110:

In other words — if you, for some reason, leave the board, you can vote on who gets to replace you.  *Isn’t that special?*

And NOW – on to page 111:


I hope you folks in Cabarrus County make your elected officials explain themselves thoroughly on all this — these rules changes AND the under-the-radar request to Raleigh for a local bill.