Does Dale Folwell owe you money?


(Or, more likely, someone else?)


The treasurer’s office maintains a “found money” database of funds that are trying to be reunited with their actual owners. Of course, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it IS actually owed to YOU.


How to start off?  Go to 


Browse to the search engine and enter the required information.   You might be surprised.  Deposit checks from years back that didn’t make it to you because of an address typo or misspelled name.  Refund or rebate checks, same reasons.

4 thoughts on “Does Dale Folwell owe you money?

  1. It works out sometimes. After my father passed I found six of his abandoned bank accounts in two states. It was returned to the us, the family. Happy ending
    I found it at

  2. After reading this, I decided to take a look-see just for fun. When I punched in my name, a long list of unclaimed funds popped up for those with the same last name. Mine was at the top! Have no idea how much the claim is worth, only that it is more than $50 and is for premiums from an insurance policy. I am already filling out the paper work. After my name, there were about nine accounts for a deceased relative – I’m notifying his family today.

    Thanks Daily Haymaker for mentioning the unclaimed funds program. Readers, you have nothing to lose so give it a try.

  3. Yes, this escheat funds program is a good thing. It’s all legal and serves the public. I found some money that way several years ago. I was in Raleigh one day downtown and decided to go check on my claim. At that time, I walked into the State Treasurer Bldg, which is now the Dep of Insurance.
    They looked at me like I had two heads. I asked where their office was. Nobody could or would tell me. Finally somebody at reception desk called their number, which I also had. The end result is they WILL NOT meet in person with anyone. They only deal by mail or phone.
    It’s as if they operate on the fringe or they are scared of the public. It was the wierdest thing, and I could never have imagined they wouldn’t meet with someone to followup, or further that even though they MUST have a physical office space, it’s a big secret never to be revealed.

    Maybe it’s not like that now, but if so, I would like to see someone at least address this strange policy.

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