BOHICA: Duke Progress says this SHOULDN’T hurt TOOOOOOO MUCH.

You folks probably remember we had a BIG power outage around these parts in early December.  It was chaos.  Nothing that required electrical power worked for nearly a week.

I used NO electricity for about five days.  Yet, when I got billed for the period that included the big blackout, my bill was substantially higher than it had been in periods where there were NO five-day blackouts.  I paid more for 25 days of electricity than I had been paying for 30 days of electricity. 

It’s not like we can tell Duke to take its heavy-handed tactics and poor customer service and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine.  They have a state-blessed monopoly on electrical service for most of North Carolina.

In exchange for this monopoly, Duke has to answer to the North Carolina Utilities Commission – staffed by politicos appointed by the same Raleigh politicians who month-in-and-month-out, year-in-and-year-out get their pockets generously lined with cash from Duke Progress lobbyists.

It’s a big game — fun for all in Raleigh — but we get stuck with the bill for said “fun.”

Well, you may have heard that Duke Progress is seeking a rate hike. The Utilities Commission sent out a mailing that looks kind of like THIS to Duke Progress customers across the state. The Commission is seeking public comment on the request for a rate hike. They’ve got some hearings scheduled for around the state:

It’s also interesting to see the stated reasons behind the proposed rate hike:

Duke is in love with wind and solar power and all of those other socialist fantasies.  They’ve also been subjected to green energy mandates foisted upon them by a lot of bought-and-paid-for folks on Jones Street.  Again, more fun for the Raleigh political class at our expense.  They have fun enacting their fantasies, while our screws get turned a lot tighter.

“More reliable” renewable technology?  Coal works well for us on days that are overcast or without much wind.  Solar panels and wind farms wouldn’t have done us a damn bit of good during December’s BIG blackout. 

Environmental wackoism will make it prohibitive for most people to afford cars.  It will knock up the cost of so many things we take for granted in life.  Outrageously expensive “alternative energy” will likely produce scenarios where choices have to be made between (A)school clothes for the kiddies and health insurance, and (B) heating, cooling, and powering the house.