As The Pachyderm Turns …

ncgopYes, my friends.  It seems like we’ve got quite  a soap opera brewing in Raleigh amongst the powers-that-be in the NCGOP.

First, we hear from well-placed sources that operatives close to Gov. Pat McCrory are working behind the scenes to evict the state Senate Republicans’ political operations from NCGOP HQ.   Could this possibly be tied to the spat over the state budget?

We also hear that efforts to unify and bring together the governor’s office, state party HQ, and county GOP leaders have fallen apart.  Said one well-placed source familiar with the situation:

”There was a lot of talk when McCrory took office about having this chain of communication between Raleigh and the rest of the state about helping to staff the bureaucracy with Republicans and boost Republican leaders around the state.  It worked well for about three or four months.  Everyone was getting together and talking. Then, it all just went away.  It’s my understanding that there is not even all that much communication between the governor and Claude Pope.”

We don’t hear much from NCGOP HQ in the drive-by media (or even in cyberspace) advocating the GOP agenda in Raleigh.  If it’s true that communication has broken down between the governor’s office, GOP HQ, and the local Republicans, it begs the question that one of my sources asked:

“Claude is getting paid $10,000 per month.  What in the hell is he doing for that money?”