#ncpol: When Indian casino lobbyists attack

Pete Benton probably thought his Saturday morning was going to be simple.  He had been asked to be a surrogate for congressman Walter Jones at the Craven County GOP convention.  His mission?  Read a prepared statement written by the congressman to the gathered delegates.  

Benton got through part of the statement before time ran out.  The part he got to — as time was called — described Jones opponent Scott Dacey as “an Indian casino lobbyist.”

Following his remarks, Benton stepped outside the meeting room to speak with Hazel Speciale, the wife of state legislator Mike Speciale.  It was at that point, the doors to the meeting room flew open and Dacey charged out toward Benton and Speciale.  Witnesses tell us that Dacey loudly confronted Benton, saying things like: “Who are you? You’re not even a registered voter in North Carolina! My wife and I looked you up!”

Steven D. “Pete” Benton is an elected village councilman representing the people of Walnut Creek, an incorporated village about eight miles outside of Goldsboro in Wayne County (which IS in North Carolina).

Witnesses also tell us Dacey challenged Benton’s reference to him as “an Indian casino lobbyist,” saying “You need to get your facts straight!”.

Multiple public databases and online media sites covering the lobbying industry indicate Dacey represents nine Indian tribes and classify a leading focus of his work as “gaming” and /or “gambling.”

Witnesses tell me Dacey got “very close” to Benton, was red-faced and had clenched fists.  Observers say they had genuine concerns a fight might break out.

Witnesses tell me Benton repeatedly asked Dacey “What facts need to be straightened out?”.  Observers say Dacey didn’t cite any specifics.

This is all probably giving radio host Henry Hinton a serious case of deja vu.



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    1. It seems Dacey takes after former Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge with physical confrontations. Or RINO Bob Steinburg.

      Putting someone in fear of an offensive touching constitutes an assault under NC law. If followed by actual improper touching, it would also be battery. The victim here should go swear out a warrant for Dacey for simple assault.

  1. Rep. Walter Jones supports conservative values for the folks of the 3rd District! He is the third highest rated member of the US Congress from North Carolina. Greatly appreciate the checking he does for NC Commercial Fishermen, Veterans, and US Soldiers. He follows-up if you have concerns. Eastern Coastal NC are very lucky to have him represent us! I will be voting for Representative Walter Jones!

    1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Rep. Walter Jones represents conservative values. If so, I must question what conservative values have come to mean? Rep. Jones is little more then an establishment RINO. Just as our so called “Tea Party” senator Thom Tillis turned out to be. That being said, I do not believe Scott Dacey would represent our district with any greater level of conviction. Unfortunately, I have the same opinion of Phil Law.

      It seems to me the Republican Party as a whole (North Carolina and Nationwide), is in a bit of a crisis. We elected President Trump as a giant middle finger to the establishment. But in the same breath we continue to send D.C. lawn ornaments like Jones to represent us, or we allow power hungry lobbyists like Dacey to maintain the status quo. This practice must NOT stand!! We are better than this!!

      I have always been a registered Independent, but after many conversations with a good Republican friend of mine I have decided to change my affiliation. The Republican Party must rid itself of the dinosaurs of Bush style Republicanism. To survive, we MUST inject the party with YOUTH and VIGOR!! It’s time for a changing of the guard, a time for someone who still has FIRE in their belly take up the mantle, and the time is now.

      1. So are you wanting to move the party even more left to win…. Normally that is what is means when people say we need to reach out to youth and vigor they are normally wanting for the party to get watered down even further

        I do not think we need to reach out to anyone but we should stand strong on conservative values socialy and fiscally and then let them come to us as we try to educate the public to how these values help individuals and mankind

        1. Not to be rude, but we don’t seem to be standing strong on much of anything currently. To address your concern of watering down the party even further, I’m not suggesting at all that we move toward the left quite the contrary actually. If anything I’m suggesting that we go further to the right. Further to the right in the sense of courage, reason, and logic.

          Instead of cowing down to the left every time the going gets tough, I’m suggesting we stand up with courage and DO NOT compromise! The left never gives a millimeter to the right. So if anything we should RAM our values down their throats, instead of the constant groveling for bipartisanship. We should base our platform on self-evident truths and facts, rather than almost solely on faith and religion. That isn’t to say that I’m suggesting the abandonment of Christianity. But I am suggesting that we point to logical facts instead of reaching for the Bible and invoking Christ every time we need a reference for back up.

          When I implied we must energize the party with youth I meant exactly that. There is a huge faction of young people who are on the right (the Alt-Right), but the Republican Party ignores them because they have been demonized as “white supremacists” by the media. Which you and I both know is vehemently false. The vast majority of them are keenly in tune with our issues today. Instead of the never ending parade of politically ambitious and pompous elites attempting to ride the coattails of Reagan 30 years later. We need men and women with gusto who are willing to fight for their beliefs and not roll over to the establishment.

          I don’t know about you but I’m sick to death with constant interventionism, war mongering, and the never ending stream of “refugees” from third world SHITHOLES! These endless wars in the Middle East MUST END! The culture in that region will never change or improve. Most importantly, the people in that region are not Americans and their problems are none of OUR BUSINESS. So I say we let them be.

          Immigration is the largest crisis we face today! We are being replaced by 3rd world migrants at an alarming rate, the entire western world is. This problem stems back to the Hart-Cellar act of 1965 here in the US. With only minimal research you can visibly see through statistics that crime, murder, rape, gun violence, drug use, and fatherlessness has increased steadily and on par with immigration levels ever since. These people do not share our American values, and they never will. Due to that simple truth, the entire idea of “Civic Nationalism” is no more than a bad joke. Nationalism is the answer to this issue but it must be based on OUR CULTURE, and not on the belief that people who aren’t from the Western World will actually assimilate.

          At the end of the day, the point I’m trying to drive home is this. The Republican Party will not survive unless we go on the attack and remake ourselves into the party of Pro-Western culture. By simply looking at voting statistics based on demographics and race, you can see the whole story. There are certain people who will not vote for smaller government, lower taxes, and freedom. Through the open border policy and insane legal immigration system, we are importing those type of voters by the millions. Thirty years from now the Republican Party won’t be able to win a small local election, if we continue with this cultural suicide. Think about that.

      2. Walter Jones voted against that awful big spending budget omnibus, which is why we send him to DC. There is no doubt in my mind that Dacey Would have done the big government bidding of his buddy Paul Ryan.

        1. *Correction, Walter Jones didn’t vote on the omnibus at all. He wasn’t present for the vote.

  2. Walter Jones is a Conservative. He sometimes votes against Republican legislation in order to bring attention to our out of control deficit.
    He was the 1st person to call for Boehner to resign.
    He had the nuts enough to call out McCarthy (another establishment waterboy) on his affair with Elmers.
    Mark Meadows is 100% on board with Jones, as is Justin Amash, Rand Paul and Ron Paul.
    It really shocks me that there is even a debate between the choice between Jones and a lobbyist for casinos who lies every time he speaks to a group and has a history of giving big big bucks to the Establishment. This really is a no brainer. But there are some who just have to complain about everybody.
    Can’t imagine what it would have been like for Reagan or Helms had the Internet been around then.

    1. I don’t fundamentally disagree with you. There is no argument from me that Dacey is a better candidate, he’s not. However, I cannot sit back and claim that Jones is a beacon of hope or constant symbol of strength during the storm. Sure Walter may mention the out of control deficit on occasion, and come across as socially conservative. But let’s think back to the Russia witch hunt, when Rep. Jones demanded the farce of an investigation be allowed to continue. How can you be fiscally conservative and suggest that wasting millions of tax payer dollars on an investigation that has still yet to bear any fruit, displays financial prudence? Add to that, how about the time he suggested Devin Nunes step down as chairman of the house intelligence committee, for suggesting the investigation be ended?

      I do submit to you that out of the choices we have to represent our district, Walter Jones is the lesser of the three evils. But that was the same argument I made for John McCain in 2008 over Obama, and McCain represents the epitome of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. I believe the time has come that we can no longer simply accept the lesser evil as our champion. The party requires much more than a shot in the arm to survive. We must totally remake it into the party of strength and resolve. I’m not suggesting the abandonment of conservative values. But I am suggesting we take a hard look at our opposition, and meet them head on in the fight.

      1. Out of 10 NC republican house members at conservative view Jones has the 3rd highest score and yes they have 2 people higher than him but he is clearly not a republican failures like McHenry, Pittenger

        1. Not being a failure really isn’t the point that I’ve been trying to make. We continue to accept more of the same from Republican candidates and what do we get in return? Open Borders, trade agreements that destroy American manufacturing jobs, endless wars, an ever growing welfare state, the war on whites, the war on boys, and yes the ever increasing national debt. More of the same has gotten really old, and most of us on the right under age 35 have had enough. The candidates we should be seeking out and throwing our support behind should be in the mould of Paul Nehlen in Wisconsin. Someone with a real mind for putting American values first, and with a real fire in their belly. Instead of perpetually wasting our time supporting the status quo like Paul Ryan, Walter Jones, Scott Dacey etc. After all, Einstein did say the definition of insanity is repeating the same practice and expecting a different result.

          1. First of all, Einstein never said the insanity quote. It first appeared in an AA brochure in the early 80s.
            Second, elections are about choices. You aren’t going to find perfect candidates that fit your narrow requirements, so you vote for the best of what is offered. In this race, an honest man who sometimes votes his conscience in order to make a point is much better than a lying casino lobbyist. I know this board is about discussion but this is one thread where there really isn’t much to discuss. There is a clear choice here. I wouldn’t trust Scott Dacey as far as I could throw him.

          2. Then our Number one job must be candidate recruitment, at the local, state and national levels. It is in Craven County…recruit, vet, elect and then hold their feet to the fire to do what they said they would and why we elected them. Speciale and Sanderson are state level examples that this works, some others not so much.

  3. Well evidently this discussion is devolving into a pissing contest about a quote. I had always been of the understanding that Einstein was attributed with that quote, and never though to verify the claim. But since you’ve brought it up I did investigate this to find there actually is no verified point of origin for the quote. It is said that Einstein first mentioned it in his ‘Letters to Solovine’ in 1951. However, I am unable to find any actual print of that to verify the claim. The quote is also claimed to be an old Chinese proverb. Other sources say Mark Twain was the true originator of this saying. While you are correct that the quote is mentioned in an AA pamphlet from 1980, there is no proof to claim this as it’s very first mention. Regardless of where it came from, the wisdom of the quote is the same. My point being that perpetually voting for RINOS paves the way for RINO policy making.

    To address your second point, I agree with you that elections are about choices. As I have already conceded in my earlier comment, Jones is the better of the candidates we have to choose from. I also clearly stated that I am NOT advocating for Dacey. However, my purpose for engaging in this discussion remains the same; continuing to send Bush like Republicans to DC has not served the American people well at all. My requirements may be narrow in your opinion, but they are the exact parameters that won Donald Trump the election in 2016.



    1. First of all Chuck, writing in all caps is obnoxious.
      Secondly, if Jones is a Democrat, why is Mark Meadows supporting him? Do you want to challenge Meadows’ conservatism? Dacey did when he tried to get somebody to primary Meadows.
      Finally, does the fact that Dacey and your brother Steve are in a real estate investment business together cloud your judgment just a little?
      You are supporting a guy who wrote check after check to the people you used to rail against. Boehner, Ryan, Charlie Rangle. Dacey is the Swamp but all you care about is helping your boy.
      Guess your values change when the candidate can butter your bread.
      Take a long look in the mirror tonight Chuck. Do you remember the guy you used to be who stood strong for conservative values?
      You’ve sold out, just like Dacey. You better hope he wins because your reputation is already damaged.

    2. Dacey has made repeatedly contributions to the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Do you consider that “Republican”???? Also to individual Democrats like leftwing extremist Charlie Rangel.

      Dacey suddenly became a late blooming Trump fan a few days before announcing for congress. That has “fake” written all over it. Dacey was a guest at the convention that nominated Trump, but his social media accounts do not say anything about Trump but instead gush about his hob-nobbing with the establishment’s Paul Ryan.

      Dacey has said liberal Richard Burr is his role model, and the state currently has one Richard Burr too many.

      Lobbyists are the lowest form of sleaze in our political system, and that is exactly where Dacey comes from. In fact he still IS a lobbyist.

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