#ncga: Harry Brown for Congress ???

That’s the word on the street (at least the streets in the Third Congressional District).  I’ve heard from a number of movers and shakers in the 3rd district NCGOP who tell me they’ve heard from the North Carolina Senate Majority Leader and folks close to him about this.

“This is not testing the waters,” one source in the know told me. “This is ‘I’m IN.’ ”

If Brown does follow through, it would make the 3rd district GOP primary — already featuring incumbent Walter Jones and Craven County Commissioner (and lobbyist) Scott Dacey — even more of a 2018 blockbuster.

Sources in the district see Brown’s entry as a serious blow to Dacey.  Dacey had been the leading option for the anti-Jones vote.  But many of the folks were troubled by his work as a lobbyist for Indian gaming interests.  Brown is seen by many in the district as a more palatable option for the anti-Jones contingent in the district.

GOP congressional primaries in North Carolina are typically quiet affairs.  Though, in 2018, the 8th’s Robert Pittenger has all he can handle from pastor Mark Harris.  Brown’s entry into the race may lead to changes in TWO Republican-held districts. 



11 thoughts on “#ncga: Harry Brown for Congress ???

  1. Harry Brown will have serious problems with social conservatives. He was a key figure in passing the lottery some years ago and more recently is out of step with local Republicans in his vote to repeal HB2. More than a few counties in that part of the state saw McCrory get more votes than Trump or Burr on election day 2016, based on McCrory at that time supporting HB2. (Of course McCrory flipping on HB2 after the election means he would not get the same support now). McCrory’s vote in these counties shows that the local voters support bathroom privacy and Harry Brown is completely out of step on this high profile issue.

    1. I live in the 3rd District. Am I likely to forget about Lotto Harry? Am I likely to forget about fold on the bathroom bill Brown? It ain’t likely.

  2. Like the Arizona Senate race, a three man race in NC’s 3rd sounds like something that would split the conservative vote and enhance democrat chances. Something fishy here. With so many RINO congressmen scattered all over NC, don’t understand the push in NC’s 3rd.

    1. It’s the McConnell doctrine at work…..conservatives and dissenters like Walter Jones must be crushed. Constitution Party, anyone?

      1. Ryan and his buddies have been doing that in the House, too, although they don’t brag about it like McConnell

      2. I’ve been active in the GOP for a long time. I wish the Constitution Party well. I’m SERIOUSLY considering joining them; tired of the BS, tired of dealing with snakes. I am a Patriot, first last and always.

    2. This one will work a little different. It is two establishment candidates and one conservative.

      Arizona is a disaster with the sheriff getting in which helps establishment candidate McSally, who is even to the left of Flake. He rates 57% conservative and she is only 45%.

  3. Enhance Democrat chances? Do you not understand the concept of a primary? No democrat can win that district. I like A. Thomas as a person, but he should accept reality.

    Harry is one hell of a candidate… a three way likely gives the race to Walter….and i donated to Dacey. Harry will crush either of them head to head…but Walter may still bail out….his money is drying up.

    1. If you have read the prior articles on this site showing Dacey as joined at the hip with the establishment cesspool and even helping liberal Democrats and still gave money to Dacey, you must be a flaming liberal. When lobbyists like Dacey get in Congress,, constituents lose because all they do is carry water for the special interests.

      The key thing to look at as to who is for the grassroots and who is up to his neck in the DC swamp is to look at the major recent battle between the sides, that of kicking arrogant establishment hack John Boehner out of office as Speaker. Walter Jones openly backed Congressman Mark Meadows campaign to remove Boehner. Scott Dacey gave $12,000 of his personal money to Boehner’s campaign to remain Speaker. That tells me all I need to know about both of them. I also look at the fact that a number of Boehner associates are backing Dacey in the primary, while Dave Brat, the Virginia conservative who knocked out establishment hack Eric Cantor in the primary has consistently backed Jones against his challengers.
      There is an old saying about birds of a feather, and it applies to politics.

  4. The repeal of HB2 was a disaster from a policy standpoint, but it is a more important sign of a serious character flaw in too many of our Republican legislators – cowardice. The fair weather Republicans like Harry Brown, Tim Moore, and Phil Berger were happy to vote to protect the bathroom and locker room privacy of our women and girls in the beginning, but folded like cheap suits once they started to get attacked by the liberal media and the corporate bullies. Not only did they cowardly cave in on bathroom / locker room privacy, but they gave the liberals a bonus by allowing local governments beginning in 2020 to enact ordinances that would restrict religious liberty.

    The GOP caucus split almost in half on repeal of HB2 and this was a clear division between those with a backbone of steel who stand for principle and those with backbones of jelly who flip on us wherever it is convenient to them. For the male members, it separated the men from the girly men. Harry Brown voted as a girly man..

    Who wants a surrender monkey as a congressman who will cave in on key issues at the drop of a hat? That is what you would get with Harry Brown, and, indeed,half the caucus.

    We need a congressman who stands for principle, and will not knuckle under to the liberal media or the corporate bullies and does not prostitute himself to the special interests. That is called character and it is called principle, and it is too often hard to find in politicians these days. Looking at the three prospective Congressional candidates in the 3rd district, there is a huge difference when it comes to having the ‘nads to stand up for principle. Walter Jones does not run away, but stands firm on his principles and is not controlled by the special interests. Jones has ‘nads the size of basketballs. Harry Brown is a surrender monkey who would rather switch than fight. “White Flag Harry” has ‘nads the size of BB’s. Then there is lobbyist Dacey, whose ‘nads are always for sale to the highest bidder.

    I may not agree with every single vote Walter Jones makes, but I always know he votes on principle and on his feel for what his constituents want, not because he of pressure from the liberal media or deals with the special interests.

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