Lawyering up on ol’ Roy


Lt. Governor Dan Forest has apparently had enough of the bumbling by the doofus currently occupying that big house on Blount Street:



“Today, I notified Governor Cooper that, as a member of the Council of State, I will be suing his administration for violating the Emergency Management Act. The Governor has repeatedly ignored the law, enacting mandates that selectively target the businesses and citizens of North Carolina without concurrence from a majority of the Council of State. 

Before I officially file my suit, the Governor is required by law to approve the use of independent legal counsel. State agencies in North Carolina are required to use the Attorney General’s office to file lawsuits or else get an exception from the Governor. As the Attorney General has been responsible for drafting the unlawful Executive Orders I’m challenging, I have decided the only path forward is with independent counsel.”


Here’s the letter Forest sent to Cooper on this matter.



The lieutenant governor is apparently not the only one upset with Cooper’s “management” of COVID19.  At least THREE North Carolina sheriffs are refusing to enforce the governor’s mandatory face mask order which goes into effect tomorrow.



11 thoughts on “Lawyering up on ol’ Roy

  1. I applaud the Lt. Governor’s decision to challenge King Cooper and his illegal decrees. Now we will see the next challenge our Constitutional Conservatve Governor candidate will face – the democrat controlled State Supreme Court. We will see if that court will truly follow state statutes as written by the legislature, as they should, or will they do what they always wanted to do – write legislation? I’m sadly betting on the latter. I’m also betting that both the current Governor and his Democrat judges will be replaced in november.

  2. I am aware of Beaufort Co, Craven Co, Chowan Co, Washington Co (all northeastern counties) sheriff’s that publicly shared statements their depts. have other responsibilities/accountabilities and would not enforce the Gov’s Ex Order. Good for them. Stand up for this nonsense and far over-reach of the Gov. Can the Gen Assembly FOLLOW SUIT???? Can we get some pressure, traction, heat, feet, voices standing up for NC? Gov and Cohen state SCIENCE and data frequently. THIS IS POLITICIAL science…..The DHS numbers are flawed, ever-changing. Data can never be provided to support ‘the science’. Mecklenburg Co stated their numbers only were positives and negative numbers were not posted/shared. So, HOW is there any credibility? Personally, I have NO idea how good/bad the virus is in NC. Cohen & Cooper have run politics from Day 1. Still do today. Thankfully the sheriff’s in NC (or some) won’t have anything to do with the politics. ECU posted yesterday, 113 athletes and 59 staff were tested, with 1 positive. Is that typical of eastern NC? May be, may not be but that’s a lot of tests with only 1 positive. Biz cannot be the pawns Cooper upon them. He should be damned for placing enforcement on them…what a coward, red-bellied sapsucker…..

  3. Well good luck getting Doof’s approval to use outside lawyers. Although even if he gets to use outside lawyers I doubt he will get a fair shake in the state courts as they are so infested with Doofus’ fellow travellers.

  4. The situation with Cooper’s executive order shows what an incompetent or cowardly state chairman the NCGOP is stuck with presently.

    Why has the chairman failed to speak up strongly at a press conference when Cooper seized unilateral power illegally and goose stepped over the check and balance role of the Council of State. Our chairman stood by with his thumb up his ass when a GOP majority government body was stripped of its rightful and lawful role by a dictatorial governor. Shame on both of them. Our chairman has left Dan Forest twisting in the breeze.

    As to those masks Cooper demands you wear, many are white and you can write a nice message on them with a magic marker liek “Dump Roy Cooper”. You can even use a hammer and sickle for the C in Cooper’s name.

    1. I’ve not personally read any content NCGOP has put out condemning Cooper, Cohen? They’ve given free reign to Tyrannical reign yet want we good soldiers to vote R in Nov! Cooper served this disaster & political
      science on a platter. NCGOP epically failed.

  5. I would ask how a red state ended up with a liberal governor but after reading all the comments on the news & observer, ABC 11 and the liberal rag The Pilot, I’m starting to wonder if NC is flipping. I’ll be the first one to move if that happens.

    1. If you are in Triangle, Triad, Charlotte area; will quickly learn far left & Libs are everywhere! Even some areas as Wilmington, Fayetteville, Asheville have turned left. NC’s caveat, for the Jesse, Reagan yrs) was the rural areas were truly conservative & out-voted metro areas. It was close; Jesse defeated Gant, Hunt in close, heated races only b/c of rural NC. Past 10Y, huge transitions of NE libs have retired here & research triangle, Triad, Meck Co provided jobs from outsiders. Look at many city councils & school bds & you see dramatic impact. And don’t think illegal immigration is not an impact either. NC vote in Nov, IMO, in a toss-up!

    2. We wound up with Cooper with massive vote fraud in Durham. They “found” a large number of ballots there which were just enough to move Doofus ahead of McCrory.

  6. Our Republican leaders let the libs take over major metro areas and now we see the courts going left
    and will stay there. IF Biden wins, we will see the damnest efforts to take over the suburbs with forced busing, taxes,
    redistricting, and mail in voting. IS OUR PARTY OUT TO LUNCH?

  7. Our Republican leadership in the legislature has not helped by capitulating on all voter reforms handed to them by the left. The left puts an outrageous change out there and the left “compromises” with no clue how that compromise will affect elections

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