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Pinehurst Campaign 2019: Individual, property rights at risk

  Just by perusing the list of candidates on Pinehurst’s November ballot, it’s pretty clear that we stand a good chance of ending up with a majority on the Village Council that is 180 degrees from what it’s been the last four years or so….

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#ncga: David Lewis. A $500K “loan” from a federal indictee? (Nothing to see here. Move along.)

  Once again, we have a story about ETHICS and the second-most powerful man in the North Carolina House: A powerful state legislator borrowed half a million dollars last year from a man later indicted and accused of trying to bribe another state official.  …

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McClatchy pushes ‘fake news’ to woo investors amid its financial woes ???

  Two of the biggest drive-by stinkers in our state — The N&O and The Charlotte Observer — are owned by the McClatchy conglomerate.  Check out the latest word on what McClatchy is accused of:   It pays to lie. McClatchy, the newspaper chain and…

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Yee-haw! Tilli$ i$ in Texa$! (Gue$$ Why.)

  The two most unpopular US senators — both up for reelection in 2020 — are in San Antonio schmoozing.     Neither one of them — Thom Tilli$$ (R-NC) nor Cory Gardner (R-CO) — represent Texas. But they’re THERE:   The United States Senate…

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RINO Report: At least TWO Paul Shumaker “horses” line up for 2020 races

  Former state senator Tamara Barringer has apparently picked up the NCGOP “endorsement” for state Supreme Court. While on Jones Street, year-in-and-out, she ranked as the (or one of the) most liberal Republicans in the chamber.     Let’s hop in the wayback machine and…

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Drive-by media: Franklin Graham? BAD. The Round Rev? EXCELLENT.

  It’s clear, to anyone sitting in church on Sundays, that conservative preachers are a dying breed.  Socialism and “social justice” have conquered the seminaries —  and those graduates are eagerly dispersing around the country and the globe to spread “the word.”   I am…

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Mo’ Money. Mo’ Money. Mo’ Money. (For, um, DALLAS ???)

    Convicted felon Robin Hayes is just simply the gift that keeps on giving.   You MAY remember THIS story from February.      Then-chairman of the NCGOP  Hayes, ramrodded through BONUSES for Dallas Woodhouse and two other party staffers.  The party’s personnel committee…

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Tillis lying his way to the finish line

  LIE is the nicest word I can come up with to describe the latest ad from the Thom Tillis reelection campaign. (It’s running every day during Rush’s show. )  Here are some samples of its claims: The funniest part?  It plays clips of President…

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An “impeachment” primer

      Saying you’re pursuing impeachment doesn’t mean it’s actually happening.  There’s a full-blown procedure laid out in law that the Democrats and NeverTrumpers have yet to touch. Peter Schweizer published a great book last year detailing how all kinds of Washington Insiders —…

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Have Fox News and Todd Starnes parted ways?

    THAT is the word I am getting from well-placed fans of this site from up north.   Starnes and Sean Hannity are two of the  network’s most popular personalities with conservative viewers. Both have a radio AND TV presence.  We’ve been hearing stories…