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#ncpol: Thilli$$$ sees the, um, light on “man-made climate change”

There have got to be some big fat checks hidden in this sellout SOMEWHERE.  And he’s unveiling said sell-out on the home of softball-questions-because-we-don’t-want-these-corrupt-pols-to-snatch-our-monopolistic-franchise-from-us. The enviro-wackos stopped calling it global warming when the data showed the globe was, um, not warming.  Now, it’s climate change….

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#ncsen: Tom Farr STILL left hanging out there

I am sure Thomas Farr is starting to feel like a ping-pong ball.  DC politicians and special interests have batted him and his reputation back and forth since 2006 over the promise of a federal judgeship. The leftist point of contention over Farr?  He worked…

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Appalling. Grotesque. Illiterate. (That’s OUR Thilli$$$.)

I sure wish Mark Levin would stop pussy-footing around and tell us how he REALLY feels: Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained why the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted to advance an unconstitutional bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller…

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#ncpol: Anti-Trumpers airing ads THANKING Thilli$$$ for his help.

Some of the leading opponents of President Donald Trump in the DC establishment are coming together to air ads in Charlotte and Raleigh praising US Senator Thom Tilli$$$ for his work in keeping special prosecutor Robert Mueller employed: Washington, DC– Republicans for the Rule of…

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#ncpol: Thilli$$$, Burr support EPA attack on trucking industry

And you thought the Democrats had cornered the market on jackasses: Four GOP establishment senators and ten House Republicans signed a letter to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt, asking him to save an Obama-era trucking rule. The New York Times reported on Thursday that…

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Thilli$$$ to conservatives: ‘Spare me your righteous indignation.’

THIS guy is a true piece of work: […] But now he’s a lead sponsor of a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from interference by Trump — enraging conservatives and potentially risking the president’s ire. It’s the biggest gamble Tillis has taken as…

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Thilli$$$: Relax. Special prosecutors are GOOD FOR YOU.

“Our man” in Washington writes down in — appropriately — The Washington Post his thoughts about WHY special prosecutors are good for you, me AND especially Donald Trump: I believe in the rule of law, regardless of who occupies the White House or which party…

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Thilli$$$, Graham-nesty team with Dems to protect Mueller

This cycle, uber-consultant Paul Shumaker’s clients are falling all over themselves touting their support for Donald Trump.  Meanwhile, in Washington, Shumaker client Thom Tilli$$$ (R??-NC)is teaming up with confirmed bachelor Lindsey Graham-nesty (R???????- SC) to provide aid and comfort to Democrats seeking to do what…

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WRAL’s Cambridge Analytica / NCGOP “nothing-burger”

We made our peace with the UK about — oh — 200 years ago, but Raleigh’s WRAL still wants to see something nefarious emanating from our former motherland.  It’s interesting to see WRAL tut-tutting over someone else’s alleged integrity indiscretions while it (a) continues to…

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Amid congressional spending orgy, Thilli$$$ gets his cheap labor

Pelosi and Schumer are doing back-flips celebrating the massive spending that just made its way through the “Republican” Congress. The Chamber and the GOPe are dancing a jig because, once again, the man from Florida Cornelius Huntersville has come through for them BIG: Congress appears…