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#ncga: Smearing Mr. Bishop.

State senator Dan Bishop (R-Mecklenburg)  is one of the nicest, most integrity-laden politicians we know of in contemporary North Carolina politics.  That’s why the hit piece from  the UK Daily Mail — normally a trustworthy conservative news source — threw us for a loop.  A…

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#FreeBobLee: Twitter censorship hits close to home

Haymaker fans from the Raleigh area may be familiar with blogger BobLee .  You may recall the trouble he and his partner-in-crime AgentPierce stirred up on the N&O’s comment section back-in-the-day. BL is a friend of The Haymaker.  We link to his stuff on our blogroll….

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Leftist bigots once again show “civility” is a one-way street

Blame Christians for the 2016 mass murder at an Orlando gay night club?  *Yawn.* Not a peep from the driveby media or the rest of the professional left. But dare to cite Lincoln in a  debate on political tyranny?  Off with Larry’s head! It’s on like…

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Apologize when Laura Leslie DOES.

Our lazy, no-account, shiftless, irresponsible driveby media has apparently decided that their modus operandi — at least until Democrats OWN EVERYTHING — is to troll Republican social media accounts to find things that can be appropriately twisted to make the account-holder appear sufficiently BIGOTED.  …