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Wake County govt & The mystery of the disappearing dollars

We catch a lot of heat from both sides of the political spectrum here.  Why are you so mean to public servants?  Aren’t you a Republican — a conservative?  The battle is not Republican v. Democrat — as so many would like us to believe…

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What’s that I hear? (A bombshell?)

We have had something quite interesting dropped in our lap by some folks in some very interesting quarters. IF it holds up to its advance billing, it should –upon its appearance on our front page – ruin Governor Cooper’s first days in office and quite possibly…

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#ncga: NOW, we’re looking at YOU, Mr. Jackson. (Yes. We. Are.)

It’s hysterical — and, sometimes, sad — to hear the excuses from those caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar.  Senator Brent Jackson (R) in the Jones Street solar subsidy mafia.  He and his allies have pushed hard to put all of us…

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O’Keefe, Veritas tightening noose around Woodhouse, Hillary?

If you follow James O’Keefe on Twitter, you might get the feeling that a really big shoe is about to drop sometime around NOON TODAY; O’Keefe is calling out presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democrat operative Brad Woodhouse (brother of NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse)….

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Hey, look. A PROTEST!

Some folks in Pitt County are pretty upset about a Pitt County Community College employee’s reported involvement with the on-going, raging scandal at NCGOP HQ: A statewide contingent of Republican activists will gather at Pitt Community College in Greenville Friday to protest the actions of…

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Burr-McCain-Flake-Coburn VA bill a good first step, but needs to go FURTHER

Reports are out that our senior US senator has joined fellow Republicans McCain of Arizona, Flake of Arizona, and Coburn of Oklahoma in sponsoring a bill to make significant changes to the way business is conducted at the US Department of Veterans Affairs.  I don’t…

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#NCSEN: Lil’ Jordan’s Todd Akin analogy might be hitting a little too close to home

Lil’ Jordan, US Senate candidate Thom Tillis’ diminutive sidekick, took a predictable route in defending his boss from the latest round of Democrat ads: […] Tillis’ campaign issued a response that avoided discussing the substance of the ad, instead attacking Democrats and trying to use…

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IRS brouhaha: Not a Dem or GOP thing. It’s all about BIG GOVT

Republicans are absolutely giddy over the current IRS scandal.  Agency employees reportedly harrassed Tea Party-linked groups and individuals.  Many in the national GOP see the scandal as an election issue and a possible monkey wrench in the implementation of ObamaCare. Does anybody seriously think that…

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NAMING NAMES: national gambling scandal $$$$ lined a lot of pockets in both parties on Jones Street

The North Carolina state board of elections is calling for a probe into campaign contributions made by an indicted Oklahoma businessman and his wife to Gov. Pat McCrory and scores of North Carolina state legislators. Chase Burns, the owner of International Internet Technologies (IIT), is…

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L’affaire LaRoque exposing chinks in Thom T’s armor?

    Talk about closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.   It’s being reported now that state House speaker Thom Tillis is recommending that his federally-indicted House colleague (and close political ally) Stephen LaRoque resign from his state House seat.  That’s *nice*…