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Lee County pols apologize for, distance selves from ICE raid in Sanford

  Relax, Lee County.  SOME of your gutless political leaders really want you to know they had NOTHING to do with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement service’s Tuesday raid in Sanford aimed at actually enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.   HERE is the sheriff…

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Community College staff aided illegal alien evasion of ICE?

Judging from this group text sent out by Sanford-based Central Carolina Community College’s English-As-A-Second-Language (ESL) department, THAT is what happened: On Tuesday, agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service raided a Sanford area business (specializing in machine gun manufacturing). At least 30…

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#ncpol: Mark Walker (R) gets kissy-face with Lee County Dems, (forgets?) to call local GOPers

That’s the take I’m getting from Lee County Republican leaders this weekend in the wake of the publication THIS driveby media article:  SANFORD — Sitting in the conference room at the Buggy Factory for a few hours may not sound like fun to most, but…

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#ncga: Lee County’s tax-and-spend-and-spend RINO rides again

John Sauls is no stranger to the North Carolina House.  The Lee County Republican previously served in the House a  decade ago.  The highlights of his tenure then included sponsorship of  a sales tax increase for his constituents and support for financial aid for community college…

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Saul Alinsky comes to Sanford.

The nationwide trend of trolling Republicans’ Facebook pages, twisting something there to appear racist, and then beating them over the head until they APOLOGIZE is making its way down to the local level. (Radical leftists scoop this stuff up and then hand it off to…

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Sanford’s drive-by ‘bat lady’ keeps preaching to her flock

Talk about multi-dimensional.  Talk about talent!  She’s the news director at two of Lee County’s largest radio stations.  She’s the vice-chairman of the county’s Democrat Party.  She’s served on boards for the AP.  She’s suggested baseball bats as proper gear for visiting a polling place.  Now, Margaret…

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Sanford NC mayor: Black on black violent crime “out of control”

  Leftists and the driveby media are working hard to whip up a narrative about police ganging up on poor defenseless black people.  Obama wants the police to kowtow and beg for forgiveness — as they’re being ambushed by snipers.   Well, Chet Mann, the…

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N&O, other drive-bys trying to turn Sanford into Ferguson

NC SBI to investigate police shooting in Sanford. That’s what the headline screams in the N&O this morning.  Though, nowhere in the story does it mention that an SBI probe is a standard procedure for every officer involved shooting in North Carolina.  As is paid administrative…

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Blueprinting Mr. Stone: ”McClatchy Rob” has no shame

Democrats have been working hard to take out state Rep. Mike Stone (R-Sanford).  Stone’s 2012 race was a little too close for comfort.  In 2013,  the Blueprint crowd has ordered the creative writing crowd at McClatchy-Raleigh to sharpen their crayons and finish Mr. Stone off….