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Public Official ‘A’ : fanning the flames, stirring the pot, doing The Left’s dirty work

  He got elected promising to not vote for John Boehner in the speaker’s race. He did it anyway. He has publicly refused to support deportation of people already in this country illegally. He’s even admitted to being “Public Official ‘A’ ” in the indictment…

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The BIG stupid smear

This is what got it all started:   You’ll  notice in the second tweet,  the media and the Democrats took “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” and twisted it into “go back to your places of origin”.    (Actually, many…

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Left-wing racism rears its head in #ncpol debate

We’re told charter schools are bad because, if the wealthier mostly-white parents who really care about their kids’ education partake in a little school choice, all that will be left in the traditional bureaucratic rat-hole public schools will be mostly lower-income and minority students.  Average…

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#ncpol: *”Awwww. Isn’t that SWEET?”*

All of us have “exes” out there.  Just be glad THIS particular “sweetheart” wasn’t YOURS: A Raleigh police officer stopped Cheree Maria Bandy for driving with an expired registration sticker on her license plate on Thursday night. But by the time the traffic stop on…

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NC-03: Racial Roulette?

“Round and round she goes. Where she stops, nobody knows ….” — Overheard in Vegas There are some questions in life that should be easy to answer.  What’s your name?  How old are you? Where were you born?   We used to include “What gender…

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For liberals, MLK’s “content of their character” dream is long-forgotten.

The day after we celebrated Martin Luther King’s birthday, this happened: Yep.  This is sponsored by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Schools.  The speaker is something called a “Parent Engagement Specialist.” As you can see, her thesis is that the public schools have a problem because they…

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Facts continue to stymie lefty doomsayers & race-baiters

Bert & Ernie and the gang are working overtime to poo-poo the ongoing economic boom.  They are trying to tell us — with a straight face — that “people of color” are being left behind by the current economic growth.  We knocked that spin down…

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An economic upturn and Bert & Ernie are still pissed

Chris Fitzsimon and Rob Schofield, the public faces of WRAL’s political arm are doing all they can to provide a chorus for The Round Rev’s symphony of racial agitation: The Great Recession fell hardest on many communities and families that were already suffering economically, and the…

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Dan Blue: Race Pimp

[…] I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.[…] —  Martin Luther King, Jr. N.C. Central University’s 2017…

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The McClatchy Way: A sketchy poll, dishonest headline, gobs of lefty spin

The flagship money-bleeding McClatchy property in North Carolina — The Raleigh News & Observer — has hit us with yet even more earth-shattering news.  Here’s the headline: Blacks, whites and Latinos agree: Race relations are getting worse under Trump Weeeeeeeeelll, THAT is just about everybody….