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#ncga: Charity calls out Tarte on his PORK

I thought it was unusual to see $200,000 tucked away in the recent budget agreement for “classroom supplies.”   Those are normally appropriations handled by local governing entities — city councils, county commissioners, and school boards. The budget agreement even cited a charity called DonorsChoose…

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Taxpayers on the hook for High Point pro baseball

Settle back, folks.  This is a story that involves something in Raleigh that you likely don’t hear much about — The Local Government Commission. Here is an explanation of the commission from the state treasurer’s web site: […] In 1931 the North Carolina General Assembly…

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Tarte: I handed out YOUR money to “save kids” (*NOT TO BUY MY RE-ELECTION*)

Apparently, state senator Jeff Tarte has been fielding some questions about his hand-off of $200,000 of our money to a local charity in Mecklenburg County.  The charity has ONE MILLION in the bank, and was already on the verge of meeting its monthly fundraising goal….

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#ncga: Republican ‘pork’? (Oink!)

The budget made it through the House basically on a party line vote.  (We exhibited our complete disgust and nausea about the agreement earlier.) The debate featured some of the biggest identity-swapping and role-reversal we’d seen since the HB2 kerfuffle: The N.C. House voted 77-40…

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#ncga: Jimmy and the pigs

No, that’s not an Elton John classic.  Or a new NBC sitcom.   The lefty praetorian guard over at IndyWeek is accusing our old, um, *pal* Jimmy Dixon of protecting dirty hogs and campaign donors at the expense of poor black folks:  State Representative Jimmy…

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#ncga: *Sniff, sniff.* I smell PORK.

The drivebys are trumpeting a great agreement on the budget between the two chambers on Jones Street. This agreement is loaded with the same kind of pork-flavored crap we’ve grown to expect from Raleigh.  And FIFTY GOP House members signed on to the conferee letter —…

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#ncga: (*SNIFF* I smell bacon.) NO pork for YOU !!!!

It sounds like Seinfeld’s ‘soup nazi’ paid a visit to the NC House Republican Caucus confab yesterday.  Some honorables seeking PORK were de-nied. It’s budget time.  So, the GOPers were poking through the details.  Jimmy Dixon (R-Duplin) was looking for $1 million for a sewer line…

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Your tax dollars at work: Selling American rock music to foreign consumers

        Unbelievable.  We have an economy in free-fall.  Record numbers of people out of work.  Record amounts of federal debt.  Air traffic controllers being furloughed.  Parks being closed.  Tax rate increases.  White House tours being cancelled.  But our government can STILL find…