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Monkey Business Report: Welcome to Madison County!

The politicians in Madison County are showing that they can hold their own with their neighbors in Haywood County.   We’ve received word of some antics during a recent meeting of the Madison County board of commissioners: Commissioners clashed down party lines last Tuesday night as the…

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Ellmers: ‘I was, um, like, MISQUOTED, or something. ‘

Big Govt Barbie has been prancing around DC proclaiming herself the champion of millenial women.  Well, she got a surprising earful from some millenial women who were pretty miffed at her double-cross on the recent late-term abortion ban legislation:  […] After about a dozen or…

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Pay more taxes, accrue more debt or THE KIDS WILL DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the unhinged thesis of some new ads put out by the North Carolina Chamber — allegedly the state’s largest and most powerful pro-business group.  (Disclosure:  I was briefly a member of said organization.  I got frustrated with it after a while. Most of…

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Wouldn’t it be nice ….

The political class — with the help of the drive-by media and Blinkin’ Chris and his Manson Family — has decided that they are not competent to perform one of their basic constitutionally-mandated responsibilities.  That’s right: Redistricting.  It’s funny how the loudest hollerers about redistricting…

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Tillis: Demanding hand-washing AFTER you pee = government tyranny

Holy cow.  If you thought Renee Ellmers was one hot PR mess — wait until you get a load of our junior US senator.  We posted earlier about  ol’ Thom’s debut with the Bipartisan Policy Center.    Some of his remarks there are making national headlines….

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#ncsen: Thom Tillis. Making Friends. With DEMS.

In November, voters across the Carolinas and the nation sent a message to DC loud and clear.  Stop Obama.  Stop Obama’s agenda. SOMEHOW that got translated to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell  & co. that we want them to partner with Obama and his friends…

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Ellmers spox: ‘Feds NOT in biz of saying what IS and IS NOT RAPE.’

Renee Ellmers’s taxpayer funded political hacks are still trying to spin her out of her self-made mess on that later-term abortion bill.  And National Review has the audio.     I’ve been following politics for a long time.  I’ve heard my share of dumb statements and…

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#ncga: NC’s coastal policy being pushed further left by drive-bys, their state gov’t allies

We’ve provided extensive coverage of the political drama around the state Sea Level Rise (SLR) panel and its revision — mandated by the GOP majority in the legislature — of the projected sea level rise on the North Carolina coast.  Why is this revision so…

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The FREEDOM Caucus?

Yep.  One has been founded on Capitol Hill.  The founding group includes NINE Republican House members — with Mark Meadows (NC) and Mick Mulvaney (SC) being the only members from The Carolinas.  What is this group all about?: Conservative lawmakers are officially rolling out a…

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A (bottle blonde) political bombshell?

  In 2009, The National Enquirer broke an explosive story about an up-and-coming North Carolina politician.  Supporters of said politician dismissed the report saying: “Hey, it’s the Enquirer.” (And where is John Edwards now?) Now, another controversial media outlet — the web site — has…