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NCGOP campaign operatives bring back memories of 2008 GOP disasters

          We’ve got a historic chance to retake the governor’s office in 2012.  The NCGOP is staffing its command center with folks tied to some forgettable campaigns.  Take Pat McCrory’s gubernatorial campaign, for instance: The former executive director of the N.C….

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Memo to McCrory: ‘ I ain’t Bev’ will NO LONGER CUT IT

            Former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory, the NCGOP’s messiah, is not exactly inflaming conservative passions: Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory filed for governor Wednesday, promising to “fix this broken government and this broken economy.” He also began to put some…

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When will the NCGOP learn?

            This little jewel just popped up on our Twitter feed:   @scott_lasterScott Laster RT @McHenryCampaign: We need your help to reach our Facebook goal. Like our campaign page & help us reach 600 tonight!… Scott Laster is the “executive director”…

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Two new players in L’affaire LaRoque?

    It appears that state Rep. Stephen LaRoque (R-Kinston) will have a political fight to complement his current legal fight.  The NC Free Enterprise Foundation (NCFEF)  is reporting that the beleaguered legislator will be facing Goldsboro realtor John Bell and Wayne County commissioner Andy…

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NCFEF study illustrates tough task ahead for Dems in NCGA

The NC Free Enterprise Foundation, a Raleigh-based non-partisan pro-business group, has released an analysis showing just how tough it will be for the Democrats to take back the state House ANYTIME SOON.  The NCFEF partisan breakdown takes into consideration the new districts that will be…

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Will Big Government Republicans scam conservative voters ONE MORE TIME?

      In 1994’s Contract With America, U.S. House Republicans pledged to eliminate 95 federal programs.  By 2010, according to The Cato Institute, spending on those particular 95 programs had GROWN by 13 percent.  Andrew McCarthy, writing in National Review, tells us that the…

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An interesting way for conservatives to send McCrory & co. a message

So far, it looks like ol’ Pat has no primary competition, and everyone is being told to go ahead and get on board with Team McCrory for November.  I remember, earlier in the year in a town near Wilmington, a group of business people —…

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MAJOR #FAIL# : GOP majority in Raleigh drops ball on proposed gas tax cap

The North Carolina Republican Party’s official web site includes a long list of things “We Believe,”  including THIS GEM: We Believe… government must practice fiscal responsibility and allow individuals to keep more of their own money they earn. Really?  Someone needs to remind those GOP legislators…

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Recipe for 2012 GOP gubernatorial victory missing key ingredients

The three modern day successes for the NCGOP in governor’s races came in 1972, 1984, an 1988. What do those three years have in common? A Republican presidential candidate cruising to victory.  Nixon was stomping McGovern in 1972, and Reagan was doing the same to…

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Is The Tea Party brewing a primary challenge to McCrory in 2012?

    The alleged mainstream media and the Raleigh Ruling Class have already crowned Pat McCrory the next governor of North Carolina.  Just like their other favorite Mitt Romney, Pat has shown off his purty hair and his great smile, but has said and done…