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Drive-bys encouraging DC, Raleigh GOP to follow McConnell advice: ”Don’t be Scary”

I just about lost my lunch the other day when I read that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell actually went on the record with that comment.  I don’t remember all this hand-wringing against “extremism” by the drive bys and ruling class when the Democrats were…

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NYPD murders: The drive-bys and race pimps have blood on their hands

News of the senseless, tragic ambush murders of two NYPD officers is reverberating across the country.  It’s becoming crystal clear that the killer was ginned up and inspired by the drumbeat of anti-cop rhetoric regurgitated by drive-bys and race pimps like Al Sharpton and Bill…

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McCrory’s award? BAAAAD. Award for AP drive-bys? Mooooost Excellent.

It’s truly interesting how the folks at Low-T HQ (a/k/a The Raleigh News & Observer) handled stories about two different awards in the same issue of their tragically unreadable paper. Headline #1: “McCrory honors Alamance County sheriff facing federal allegations of racial profiling.” *Ah-Ha! There…

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#ncpol: The AP has AProblem

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory can probably relate to former Ferguson, MO. police officer Darren Wilson. In both men’s cases,  the drive-bys strongly suggested crimes were committed.  But when you actually look beyond the screaming headlines, and check the facts, there’s not much there to…

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N&O, other drive-bys trying to turn Sanford into Ferguson

NC SBI to investigate police shooting in Sanford. That’s what the headline screams in the N&O this morning.  Though, nowhere in the story does it mention that an SBI probe is a standard procedure for every officer involved shooting in North Carolina.  As is paid administrative…

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Playing to the mob in the street: ‘Indicting’ an entire profession

I was floored to see that North Carolinians actually voted to make their right to a jury trial optional. Now, the constant drumbeat of drive-by generated negative publicity about a couple of officer-involved shootings actually has Americans seriously rethinking the rest of the criminal justice process….

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The lefty drive-by lynch mob claims a GOP scalp

The holiday season is typically a slow news period.  (Believe us, we KNOW.) The left’s howling jackals — still licking their wounds from a November thumping — have turned their attentions to the personal Facebook account of a press secretary for a GOP House member. …

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The left WILL NOT let Ferguson go.

”You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” —  Rahm Emanuel, current Chicago mayor, former Clinton and Obama senior adviser.  The crowd that…

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What did that Panera Bread do to Michael Brown?

Congrats, drive-bys.  You demagogued a local crime story for months and months.  You did all you could to inflame emotions.  You did a countdown to a grand jury verdict. (Get those molotov cocktails ready …)  And you succeeded in further tearing apart a community.  Job…

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N&O, Democrats say ‘Elevator Queen’ not doing enough to help illegals

Cherie Berry is in all of our elevators, but apparently she’s not in the hearts of the proletariat in The N&O newsroom. For many workers cheated out of wages, NC Department of Labor offers no help.  That’s the headline we were hit with today.  And…