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NC-03: Look what came in the mail! (Two days LATE, of course.)

“Free” must be a synonym for “High” in certain social circles. Anyway, Dr. Kevin Baiko, one of the 17 candidates for the Third District, got this thought-provoking mailer promoting his candidacy out to Third District mailboxes on Thursday.  The problem?  The election was on TUESDAY….

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#ncsen: Another one

“Why is Thom Tillis helping payday lenders prey on our troops?”  That’s the question on the front of YET ANOTHER mailer promoting the candidacy of Libertarian Sean Haugh.  (For the record, Haugh AND his campaign manager have posted on this site that they are not…

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#ncsen: Sean Haugh, “principled conservative” ???

Yep.  That’s what THIS MAILER that showed up in a lot of North Carolina snail-mail boxes on Thursday says.  It tells you that Thom Tillis “has been very busy … Raising our taxes.” There is no disclaimer IDing who paid for it.  It seems to…