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Oh, to be as, um, *wise* as John Hood ..

North Carolina’s very own ‘Alex P. Keaton’ — and living, breathing caricature of conservatism — John Hood never ceases to amaze.  He’s about my age, can snootily quote 14th century central European libertarian philosophers.. I  understand he’s strutting around Raleigh like a bantam rooster shaking people…

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John Hood: Donald Trump is a BIGOT

It’s pretty apparent that Raleigh’s *Mr. Conservative* doesn’t think much of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump or his supporters: THAT –my friends — is sarcastic repartee in the vein of what one might expect from an admirer of Lord Shaftesbury-FancyPants of 16th century England.  It’s…

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#ncpol: Like Elvis, John Hood is EVERYWHERE

When I look out into your eyes out there, When I look out into your faces, You know what I see? I see a little bit of Elvis In each and every one of you out there. Lemme tell ya… Weeeeeeeeeellllllll… Elvis is everywhere Elvis…

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#CHANGETHATNAME : Movement to give Locke’s Hood more ‘sensitive’ name catches fire

We’ve received an awful lot of comments — online and offline — regarding the comments by John Hood this weekend on NC Spin.  (Granted, a lot of people were interested in seeing Hood tell off senator Apodaca face-to-face.) Most were more interested in his support…

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John Hood. (Just WRONG.)

This weekend — like a handful of other North Carolinians — I tuned in to NC Spin to see what the Inside-The-Beltline crowd was babbling about.   John Hood — apparently the only conservative-leaning person the show’s bagman, Jim Goodmon, knows — was front and…

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NCSPIN: Blinkin’ & Bitchin’. (Now THAT is quality television!)

I gave up on NC Spin several months back.  For those of you not familiar with this program, it is WRAL commisar Jim Goodmon’s attempted knockoff of the McLaughlin Group.  Except Jim’s version involves Democrat hacks Tom Campbell and Chris Fitzsimon doing their best Baghdad…

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Corruption, dishonesty are bi-partisan ailments

  I heard through the grapevine that John Hood thinks I don’t like him very much.  (For the record, all I know of him is what I read in his columns and what I hear him saying on NC Spin.) It’s not personal with Mr….

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John Locke’s Hood misrepresents Amendment One

      First it was Renee Ellmers.  Now, it’s John Locke Foundation president John Hood.  We’ve had a mini-outbreak of alleged conservative leaders throwing in with the left to help throw North Carolina’s conservative grassroots under the bus. The N&O recounted a recent column…