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Get ready, Charlotte. Check out what’s heading your way in September

        Community leaders in Chicago issued warnings to downtown area residents about protecting themselves during the ongoing NATO summit.  Why would The NATO summit make Chicago a MORE dangerous place than it normally is?   Maybe it has something to do with…

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City of Charlotte seeking legal advice on same-sex benefits for city workers

        In the wake of the overwhelming approval last week of the marriage amendment to the state constitution, the Democrat-dominated Charlotte City Council is taking it slow and cautious on benefits for city employees in same-sex relationships: The Charlotte City Council appeared…

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Charlotte’s economic troubles pile up

The Queen City will be playing a key role in North Carolina politics this year.  Pat McCrory, Charlotte’s former, mayor is the leading GOP contender for governor of North Carolina.  He is basing a lot of his campaign on his stewardship of the city.  Barry…

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Charlotte pol lays blame for city’s “decline” at feet of Mayors McCrory, Foxx

  Don Reid has never been one to mince words.  The former four term Republican Charlotte City councilman (1991-1999) established a record of fiscal conservatism while in office.  Since leaving political office, Reid has continued on as a conservative leader in The Queen City. Reid…

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Charlotte: In decline ????

      Today’s Charlotte Observer had a story that should make both Pat McCrory AND the Democrats planning their national convention a tad uncomfortable:  city leaders admit the Queen City is in decline.  If that’s true, it makes Charlotte the PERFECT spot for hosting…

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Charlotte conservatives quiz, consider Pat McCrory

      Charlotte attorney Tom Ashcraft — a former US attorney and aide to Senator Jesse Helms — is a conservative leader in the Charlotte area who has been known to criticize that city’s former mayor (who just happens to be seeking a promotion…

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Endorsement? (GULP!) Um, er — What Endorsement??? (Walter WHO?)

      U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary (and ObamaCare queen) Kathleen Sebelius really stepped in it this past week in Charlotte: Kathleen Sebelius, President Barack Obama’s secretary of Health and Human Services, is walking back what appeared to be an endorsement of Lt….

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A Charlotte conservative’s POV on Pat McCrory

    The Pat McCrory “campaign” encourages us to talk to the people of Charlotte — the people who know him best — about his record. So, I dug up a couple of very interesting old columns from Charlotte Observer columnist Tom Ashcraft. ( Ashcraft…

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A DNC delegate arrives a little early in Charlotte

        First, he realizes he’s about 8 months early for BarryO’s big party in Charlotte.  Then, he makes a horrifying discovery in his hotel room’s bathroom: One man made sure a Charlotte motel was going to pay for him running out of…

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Charlotte 2012: Watch what DNC does, not what they say

        After public complaints about non-union local businesses being shut out of business opportunities for the 2012 DNC convention in Charlotte, national and state Democrats promised that non-union local businesses would get a fair shot at providing goods and services to the…