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#NCSEN #NCGA: 2012 Tillis House campaign accepted $4K from wife of figure in federal bribery case

North Carolina state House speaker Thom Tillis has established quite a reputation as a prolific fundraiser.  He’s been credited with providing the ammo needed for the GOP to take over the legislature.  He’s tapping that skill to fuel his current campaign for the US Senate….

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Being Bi-partisan: offering Thom a helping hand

We’ve already raised questions about Speaker Thom, his movie contributions, the beer distributor bucks, and his ties to a certain well-connected Massachusetts law firm. We found a few more areas of concern about The Speaker’s campaign finance report.  We thought we’d be kind — like…

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#NCSEN: Giving Kay a helping hand

Yep.  You read that right.  You can just imagine that –when you’re scurrying all over the nation scooping up special interest money — it can be a challenge to find time to sit down and properly fill out your campaign finance disclosure forms.  Well, being…

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While beer fight brewed in NCGA, $$$ from beer interests flowed to Tillis Senate campaign

In September, craft brewers and beer distributors were knocking heads over state regulations some viewed as favoring the interests of large beer distributors over these small brewers: North Carolina politicians in Raleigh like to say they’re pro-jobs and pro-business.  But what happens when lawmakers are…

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Under the Radar (and under the rug?): The senator and the mystery of the disappearing audit

    Back in January, we got a whole lot of ethics-related news regarding state Sen. Fletcher Hartsell (R-Cabarrus).  Apparently, he spent $100,000 in campaign funds — in an election year where he was unopposed — to pay off TEN CREDIT CARDS. Lots of political…

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North Carolina’s ‘baby-mama drama’ : Will John Edwards — um — GET OFF?

As a former journalist who has covered more than my fair share of trials — my experience has found that, the longer a jury deliberates, the better the chances are for the defense team and the defendant. McClatchy — the parent of The N&O and…

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John Edwards: STILL a sleazeball

        We’ve been hit with a lot of sympathetic coverage of former US senator and presidential candidate John Edwards lately.  Our local paper has been cooing over him.  (Edwards’ parents still live here in Moore County.)  We’ve seen stories about ol’ Johnny’s…