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US Senate hopeful Sandy Smith neglects to mention the REAL family business

  She made a move  toward running for the Third Congressional District seat, but bailed on that plan at the last minute.  Now, Sandy Smith of Winterville, North Carolina is presenting herself as a GOP candidate for US Senate — joining a field likely to…

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FirstBank CEO being wooed by Dems to run for US Senate

  That’s what’s being leaked out there.     Hmmm.  If he makes it to a  general election face-off against Thom Tillis, we’d have on our hands a battle royale between two of the hottest messes in North Carolina politics.   I first encountered Moore…

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#ncpol: Walker backs out of US Senate run (for the second time now, I think)

  The fracas at the House Republican Caucus meeting kind of hinted that this was coming.  The Club For Growth was pushing hard for him,  but ‘Public Official A’ had to put his foot down and say NO.   (Rumors of  a Walker Senate run…

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Thomas Milhaus Tillis?

  We all remember that Richard Milhaus  Nixon — on his way out the door — had a hell of a reputation for dirty tricks and skullduggery. He operated quite a bit like a James Bond villain.     Is our Thom channeling ‘Tricky Dick’?…

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Mark Walker: NRCC dues spat? Legal fees scuffle? A Tillis-DOJ plot against him? STILL toying with 2020 Senate run?

  There’s quite a bit of soap opera drama swirling around a certain Greensboro preacher-turned-politician:   Tensions boiled over on Tuesday between the leader of the GOP campaign committee and several House Republican leaders over the issue of dues, multiple sources confirmed to The Hill….

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Catching a snake, but not a break.

  I’m just going  to leave this right here. (Read to the bottom.)  

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The NCGOP 2019 convention: The decline and fall of a political party.

  It had all the chaos of the Venezuelan economy (and every bit of the integrity of that country’s elections).  But — once again — the crowd that gave us Eli Global, Robin Hayes, and those five criminal counts has managed to maintain its stranglehold…

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Report: Dems fretting about their prospects for Tillis seat

  State senator Erica Smith (D) HAS a dream:   Before Thom Tillis was a vulnerable Republican senator, before Barack Obama became the first black president and while Donald Trump was embarking on an early season of his hit NBC show “The Apprentice,” Erica Smith…

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Shaking down legislators, NCGA lobbyists to save ol’ Thom?

  Once again, we’ve got mail.     Lunch on  a Monday in Raleigh with lil’ Timmy, fossilized Leo, and Phil  Berger’s beard stubble.  *Golly, gee. Clear my calendar.* Garland Tucker has lined up a fundraiser  whose sponsors include  four dozen or so heavy hitters…

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Big names, Big money lining up behind Garland Tucker

  The GOP challenger to Thom Tillis has a fundraiser coming up in Raleigh on June 5.   Tickets run from $125 to $5600.   Take a look at some of the names hosting the gig.  A lot of these people you might have expected…