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An unsubstantiatable hate crime allegation. (*Imagine THAT.*)

McClatchy informed us recently that anti-gay hate crime was exploding across North Carolina.  Now, CAIR and other assorted apologists for radical Islam, are trying to paint our state as a hotbed of anti-Muslim hate crime.  Reports of a cute-as-a-button Pakistani-American 1st grade boy being allegedly…

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Hey, there’s a hurricane! (Let’s poll those people on the election!)

At least half of North Carolina is still reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.  Hundreds of thousands of people are  without shelter, or power or water or cell phone or Internet access.  And, apparently, three media organizations thought it would be a great time to…

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#NCSEN: Two F-students reenact 2014’s Hagan v. Tillis

I thought last night’s Senate debate sounded very familiar.   Deborah Ross spouted all of Kay Hagan’s hard-line feminist and socialist talking points.  Richard Burr, just like Thom Tillis two years ago, threw up a lot of non-specifics peppered with a bunch of talk about “crossing the…

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NC Drive By Media 101: Show your stupid liberal butt all over social media

WRAL — home to our “special” pal Binky and Miz Lezlie — likes to trumpet some quote from their founder about sticking to the facts and telling the truth, yadda yadda yadda.  But we’re starting to learn that Binky and Miz Leslie don’t heed ol’…

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Charlotte drive by: GAYS under attack in North Carolina (And it’s PAT’S fault.)

“North Carolina doesn’t see a need to protect LGBTQ people. But we found victims whose stories say otherwise.” Yep.  THAT is a HARD news headline from The Charlotte Observer today.  Of course, this is a story about HB2.  And like everything else peddled by our…

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Lefties LOVE you when you CARRY THEIR WATER. (Just ask Jim Martin.)

He was but the second GOP governor of North Carolina since Reconstruction ended.  President Reagan reigned triumphant from DC.  But Republican Jim Martin — albeit, with a Democrat controlled General Assembly — reigned in Raleigh.  Th driveby media and the Democrats went after Martin mercilessly….

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#ncpol, #ncga: Deja vu, all over again?

2014 was a great year for Republicans all around.  They took out Kay Hagan and took back the US Senate from the Democrats.  But, in North Carolina, they suffered a net loss of THREE seats in the state House while that chamber’s then-speaker was being elected…

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#ncpol: Matthew the new star of North Carolina’s elections?

As people all over eastern North Carolina scramble to recover from last weekend’s storm, there is another angle the storm’s aftermath will impact:  the November election. You have hundreds of thousands of people in the eastern part of the state either without power, without water,…

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#ncpol: The AG has been RUN OVER. (Call the crime lab.)

Pat McCrory would be IN MUCH BETTER SHAPE politically if he had governed the last four years like he carried himself in last night’s debate.  He sounded like an actual Republican, and called Roy Cooper out like he should have been called out long ago….

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Filthy lying rabid lefties smelling blood: Pat McCrory and, um, “hate groups”?

Wow.  The “peace and love” crowd is approaching this election with all of the compassion of a Great White amid a herd of seals.  They had North Carolina within their grasp in 2008, but it slipped away in 2010 and 2012.  They’ve hauled out the…