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Trump’s executive order on immigration gets HB2 treatment from driveby media

The drama surrounding the General Assembly’s passage of the notorious HB2 codified a template for doing business in the driveby media: (1) don’t bother telling your viewers or readers what the legislation actually says, and (2) latch on to anyone screaming holy hell about the…

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#ncpol: Laura Leslie — STILL employed ????

Yep, the same individual who was all over social media blaming Christians and Trump voters for the gay night club massacre in Orlando — the same person who ranted about the “crazy mf-ers with guns” — has been elevated to social media police-person at WRAL…

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MSNBC, the Woodhouses, and Colon Campbell gets let down by Nelson Dollar

Here’s one disappointed young man: For a guy who has made his living chlllin’ ’round the urinals, that had to be hard to take! But fear not, young Mr. Campbell had the Woodhouse boys on MSNBC to soothe his woes:  N.C. Republican Party executive director…

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What? Laura Leslie is STILL employed?

WRAL must be like the government.  You CAN’T get fired. Miz Laura Leslie became a national laughingstock not too long ago for her outrageously leftist handiwork on Facebook while pretending to be an objective observer of all things political  (see HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)….

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#ncpol: Politifact soiling its nose at the dawn of the Cooper era

Just as we thought, The N&O’s Politifact fact-checking column will, when all is said and done, have Roy Cooper looking like the most truthful political figure in American history since George Washington. Monsieur Doran’s latest piece beats up Republicans for being mean to Ol’ Roy…

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Rubbing those sanctimonious driveby media faces in their putrid piles of lies. (I love it.)

Most of what you get from the driveby FAKE media is either (a) cobbled together in a haphazard, half-assed manner with little to no real effort, or (b) completely fabricated. We do our part to call out and shame these slimy snake-oil salesmen. (And it…

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Washington Post uses fake news to expose fake news. (Got it? Good.)

The Washington Post, just like The New York Times, The Charlotte Observer, and The Raleigh News & Observer, has been a reliable source for leftist disinformation and propaganda for as long as I can remember. They’ve joined the Hillary Clinton-inspired right-wing ‘fake news’ hunt —…

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Uh-oh. Guess what the day after tomorrow is? TRUMP-day!

It’s pathetic watching the self-proclaimed party of tolerance, crossing-the-aisle, and working together plan their boycotts and stink-bomb attacks, spew their slander, and otherwise stink up the joint over the results of a duly-conducted free election.  *You’ve got the massive assets of the filthy lying drive-by fake…

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To leftists, NOTHING is sacred.

It is astounding how aggressive leftists are in pushing their platform.  You get it in the movies, on the TV, in the driveby media. in the public schools and colleges and universities. Now, it seems you’re getting it more an more IN CHURCH.  I’ve always…

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The two JOHNs and the 50-year pass

By the logic of the driveby fake news crowd and the political establishment, good works done 50 years or more ago immunize you from any and all criticism.  The two best examples:  Senator John McCain and congressman John Lewis. We’ve all heard about John McCain’s…