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TWO MORE THINGS to hate about CRomnibus

This $1.1 trillion travesty fully funds ObamaCare, amnesty AND Renee Ellmers’s vitally-important women’s museum. It gives some lucrative sweetheart treats to Wall Street and bankers. All of our Republicans from North Carolina — except Walter Jones (R-3) — were good Boehner sycophants, did as they were…

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Hudson: CRomnibus a great victory in fight against O-Care, amnesty

Richard Hudson, the former CEO of Cabarrus Marketing who currently represents North Carolina’s 8th district, says the passage of the CRomnibus was a great victory in the fight against amnesty and ObamaCare.  Seriously.  (No, seriously.) Here he is following in the footsteps of that other…

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Lots more to hate about CRomnibus

It added to our already out-of-control federal debt.  It’s fully funded ObamaCare and amnesty. It’s paying for Renee Ellmers’s museum.   But it looks like there’s even more to hate about John Boehner’s pet monster. The CRomnibus legislation included some revisions to campaign finance law…

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#ncpol: NOT Everybody Loves Ted

Texas senator Ted Cruz (R) is one of the more popular political figures among American conservatives.  But two of North Carolina’s representatives in Washington have been showing the Texan a wee bit of disrespect.  Last year, an aide to Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-9) — still employed…

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Meadows, Jones show spine in opposing CRomnibus. Other NCGOPers? Not so much.

Barry Obama and John Boehner got their $1 trillion spending monstrosity pushed through the House last night by a 219-206 margin.  Amnesty got fully funded.  So did ObamaCare.  Renee Ellmers got her women’s museum.  A lot of other folks got their pork, too. (And your…

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Amnesty: It’s here. Time is running out to save our country.

Erick Erickson over at RedState agrees with us.  The Ruling Class is working together in DC to screw over the rest of us: In 2011, Barack Obama said he did not have the constitutional authority to do what he is going to announce today. […] The…

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#ncpol: let the amnesty sell-outs commence!

(*sigh of exasperation*)  The recently completed elections made it crystal clear how the American people feel about Barry Obama legalizing amnesty via executive order.  For some reason, we have this bipartisan desire in this lame duck congressional session to pass a long-term government funding bill…

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*Shocker*: Politicos have contempt for us in fly-over country.

The conservative media is all abuzz over one of ObamaCare’s architects admitting that they counted on “the stupidity of the American voter” to get that vile legislation passed.  And we are shocked, WHY??? I spent a number of years in DC working on Capitol Hill…

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We know. A lot of bad choices on the ballot. But STILL — you NEED to vote!

If the choices we’re looking at on the ballot don’t give enough incentive to start working WEDNESDAY on finding candidates for 2016, I don’t know what will. You may not be crazy about either of the two major party nominees in the US Senate race….

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GOP putting pedal to the metal on O-Care sellout?

It’s arguable that the Republican electoral success in 2010  had its origins in voter anger over the passage of ObamaCare.  Republicans won governor seats, state legislative majorities, and a majority in the US House.  It was pretty clear what the voters were looking for. Fast…