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New book offers guide on standing up to the leftist hordes

If you’re a political junkie, you may remember former Virginia House of Delegates member Bob Marshall.  In 2017, his 28-year career in the state legislature was ended by  a transgender Democrat backed by $1.2 million in out-of-state money and an army of out-of-state left-wing activists….

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Aaaand the nominees ARE ….

The newly-minted Constitution Party of North Carolina held its nominating convention this weekend.  Joe Guarino, a friend of The Haymaker and the boss at The Triad Conservative, is the new party’s treasurer.  He has identified on his blog the TEN candidates who have received the…

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NCGOP’s Nix: We are NOT the “conservative” party!

Many of us on the right have seen the GOP running as fast as it can from conservatism over recent years.  (*And why not?  It only encouraged a ton of people to bolt the Democrat Party and turn the NCGOP from an afterthought to a…

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Monkey Business Report: NCGOP finances edition

North Carolina Republicans have been subjected to all kinds of rhetoric about the fundraising prowess of one Dallas H. Woodhouse and his grandpa.  Keep reelecting them to run the state party, and they will guarantee — with their awesome skills — to keep the cash…

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#ncgop: $400K to VA GOP ????

We told you earlier about $35,000 in NORTH CAROLINA REPUBLICAN PARTY funds being sent to the GEORGIA REPUBLICAN PARTY. It appears now that THE VIRGINIA REPUBLICAN PARTY got a much bigger payout from Team Dallas in Raleigh.  Check this out from the NCGOP’s 2017 semi-annual…

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Bob Orr swan dives into the leftist hysteria over voter ID

When he was on the bench,  I thought Bob Orr was one of the smartest, sanest people out there. My how things change. Here’s Orr, the Democrats’ and driveby media’s faaaaaaaaaavorite Republican in The Charlotte Observer: The Observer’s editorial board recently opined against a new Republican…

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#ncga: We’ve got legislator rankings!

Granted, they’re from Civitas and the American Conservative Union.  Granted conservatism is in the eye of the beholder.  One man’s conservative is another  man’s liberal.  But, here we go. For 2017, now-former Rep. Chris Millis was the only House member to get a perfect conservative…

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We told you earlier about the political consulting,um, “side job” of one Stephen Wiley — the deputy political director of the NC House GOP caucus.  It turns out that his boss, THE political director, has a political consulting firm on the side too.  Matt Bales…

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#ncgop: Geography is HARD.

At least it appears to be for Dallas Woodhouse and his grandpa.  That lovable duo was installed via coup to run the NORTH CAROLINA Republican Party. Those two are in charge of all things Republican in NORTH CAROLINA.  Right? Soooooo   — why are they…

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Left-wing racism rears its head in #ncpol debate

We’re told charter schools are bad because, if the wealthier mostly-white parents who really care about their kids’ education partake in a little school choice, all that will be left in the traditional bureaucratic rat-hole public schools will be mostly lower-income and minority students.  Average…