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Mitt Romney: The consummate etch-a-sketch

            Just as many of us allied with The Tea Party were starting to accept we need to suck it up and TAKE our Romney,  the former Massachusetts governor’s campaign stepped in it BIG and confirmed our worst fears: It…

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WRAL Poll: The masses are NOT wowed by their governor choices

  If you need any further evidence of how foolish Pat McCrory’s run-out-the-clock, sit-on-a-lead strategy is for NC Republicans, you have to look no further than the WRAL / SurveyUSA poll o f  1001  likely voters on the 2012 North Carolina governor’s race released today. Former Charlotte…

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Don’t Debate Her. RUN OVER HER.

    Our highly unpopular governor is passing on running for reelection.  Our state’s economy is in the tank.  Our unemployment rate is higher than the national average.  The Tea Party pushed a GOP majority into power in the General Assembly with a clear mandate…

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What DO Republicans Believe?

  Our thinking is simple: When we act like us, we win. When we act like them, we lose. That’s the thesis put forward by Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks – the PAC aligned with The Tea Party movement – in today’s Wall…

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Pinehurst: The “importance” of historic landmark status

The Pinehurst village council is looking to develop, renovate, and update the area in and around historic downtown Pinehurst.  The downtown area has historic status awarded by The National Park Service.  Some projects in the recent past have caused the Park Service to express concern…

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Unemployment Rate UP in 95 of NC’s 100 counties

The North Carolina Department of Commerce has released figures showing unemployment rose during January in 95 of the state’s 100 counties.  (The rate decreased in three counties and held steady in two.) Wait. I thought Barry and Bev and their comrades at The N&O told…

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Problems with Elon polling on NC marriage referendum

        Previously, I have cited a major problem with polling produced by Elon University.  They poll only RESIDENTS — i.e., whoever answers the phone — instead of the more reliable REGISTERED VOTERS or LIKELY VOTERS.   So, Elon poll respondents could be your…

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Dem Strategist: some risks for marriage amendment opponents

          Gary Pearce is the wisest wise man looking out for Democrat interests in The Tar Heel State.  He has been at the helm for some of the party’s greatest successes.  Writing in his blog, Pearce notes some potential pitfalls this…

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The Problem with Paul Stam

  Paul “Skip” Stam is the affable leader of the Republican majority in the NC House.  He was a compromise candidate for caucus leader elected in the wake of the Republican civil war initiated by Richard Morgan and his allies.  Stam was someone all parties…

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What Amendment One ACTUALLY says

    The gay rights movement, the professional LEFT, and their allies in the mainstream media (like our local Nobel Prize-winning newspaper) have moved into Moore County to continue — trying — to tie this May’s Amendment One vote to the old Jim Crow laws….