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Civility a one-way street for the granola crowd

      Civility for thee, but not for ME. Rush Limbaugh has been beat about the head shoulders for more than a month now for “incivility,” in discussing comments by a leftist activist at a Democrat press conference on Capitol Hill.  Now, we have…

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NC-13 GOP US House race: Holding campaign NOT coordinating with Holding family

    A SuperPac supporting the election of George Holding to North Carolina’s 13th congressional district seat in the U.S. House has been criticized by his opponent Paul Coble — a fellow Republican — and the newsroom at the N&O.  SuperPACS, under federal campaign finance…

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Richard Morgan wants to be your “friend”

Recently-deflated former state legislator Richard Morgan is spreading the word about his latest political escapade via Facebook.  (He can’t use his long-time web site address. It’s been taken over by a Morgan foe.) He’s cut a commercial touting his 2012 campaign for state Insurance Commissioner,…

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We’re #4!!!! (Um … yay ???)

The N&O was pondering why Boss Bev was not tooting her horn about a slight drop in recent unemployment figures.  (North Carolina’s rate FELL from 10% down to 9.9%. Most of that can be explained by tricky bureaucratic math reducing the size of the “work…

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Confusion on Amendment One? (Gee, I wonder WHY … )

Public Policy Polling, A Democrat consulting firm based in Durham, has declared that there is  A LOT of confusion among voters on the upcoming referendum on amending the state constitution.  Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that the Democrats, the professional left, and their…

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Charlotte: In decline ????

      Today’s Charlotte Observer had a story that should make both Pat McCrory AND the Democrats planning their national convention a tad uncomfortable:  city leaders admit the Queen City is in decline.  If that’s true, it makes Charlotte the PERFECT spot for hosting…

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Campaign 2012: The art of distraction

    When you mess up — the perfect way to delay or avoid the repercussions is to change the subject.  We are seeing that tactic playing out rather nicely in our politics on the national and state levels.  Look over there.  Pay no attention…

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shedding some light on cops & hoodies

The hubbub over this shooting case in Florida has created some new spin about black men being unfairly targeted because they are wearing hooded sweatshirts (AKA “hoodies.”) A friend of mine who works as a narcotics detective — and also happens to be black —…

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More fracking nonsense

    Two North Carolina state House Republicans are throwing in with the fact-less, scare-tactic left on fracking.  The N&O dutifully reports on opposition research dug up by its masters at NC Democrat Party HQ. BarryO’s EPA says it sees no safety concerns with fracking….

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Grading McCrory’s “education plan”

      I teach at the community college level — part-time — so I get to see, up-close and personal, a lot of the end-product of North Carolina’s K-12 public education system. Public education definitely needs to be reformed.  There’s no question about that. …