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The tale of the tape: Steinburg’s aide admits “… I stole”

The Dare County woman who works for senator-elect Bob Steinburg’s as his legislative assistant and campaign manager ( as well as for his basketball promotion company) pleaded guilty earlier this week to misdemeanor larceny.  Among other things — that include supervised and unsupervised probation as…

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Monkey Business Report: Fake PAC gets Dem GOTV $$$ in Robeson County

The national media and their patrons in the Democrat Party are fixated on Bladen County and alleged Republican electoral malfeasance there.  Meanwhile, next door in Robeson County, there was a significantly larger sum of money — and a larger cast of characters — involved than there…

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$$$-strapped ECU med school drops $10 mil. on FOOTBALL

It seems like just yesterday that the Brody Medical School at East Carolina was bemoaning its tight finances and seeking MORE government funding. Actually, it was a mere TWO years ago. Now, we’re hearing that the med school is going to do its part to…

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George & Barbara Bush’s North Carolina connection

I had heard about this many years ago.  But D.G. Martin does a nice job of recounting it in the wake of the former president’s passing: […] When Bush turned 18 in 1942, he enlisted in the Navy and was sent to Chapel Hill for…

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#ncga: Steinburg’s Girl Friday pleads GUILTY

That’s what my moles in the Dare County Courthouse tell me went down yesterday. Diana London — who works as senator-elect Bob Steinburg’s legislative aide, his top campaign aide, and for his Wolfestein basketball tournament promotion business — was indicted by a Dare County grand…

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Duke Law School jumps into Haywood Five / NCGOP fray

For a few years now — at least — a small band of conservative activists in Haywood County (out west) have been  slugging it out with establishment elements in the local party.  The ruckus spilled over into legal action being initiated against the conservative activists…

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#ncga: Heck, let’s allow EVERYBODY to vote!

For all their caterwauling and boo-hooing over the integrity of our elections process, legislative Democrats sure seem hell-bent on introducing even more potential opportunities for mischief into the mix. House Bill 1115, entitled “Let North Carolina Vote Act”, got introduced this week by a gaggle…

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UNC’s multi-million dollar plan to “repair” the Silent Sam mess

Usually, when vandals strike, you file a police report and then make arrangements to clean up the mess and restore it to its pre-crime state.  You would think that would be the solution to cleaning up the mess from the mob action that resulted in…

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To replace Cashion in Pinehurst: Berggren OR Campbell

The local paper says 14 folks have applied to fill out the last year of John Cashion’s unexpired term on The Village Council.  (Cashion retired on November 13th due to health issues.)   There are some Knowns, and quite a few Unknowns on that list….

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It’s all about Bladen & The GOP. (Meanwhile, Robeson, Dems get a FREE PASS.)

The Democrat chairman of the state board of elections has resigned in the wake of the revelation of his long history of anti-GOP tweets.  Gov. Cooper has replaced him with fellow board member and Robeson County attorney Joshua Malcolm.  Malcolm is an operative for a…