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Stein-ball in Asheville: A not so full house.

There hasn’t been  too much crowing about the inaugural effort of senator-elect Bob Steinburg’s Wolfestein Group.  Steinburg loves to brag about himself and his work.  It’s not like him to go so quiet.  As you know from reading our site, the Battle in The…

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L’affaire Farr: Tim Scott? Down with the struggle. Burr / Tillis? Useless /MIA.

We’re starting to learn a valuable lesson here.  If  a DC Republican wants to nominate you for something, BEWARE.  The minute leftists say the slightest negative thing about you, your Republican brethren on The Potomac will drop you like a hot potato and hang you…

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Robeson County getting increased scrutiny in state probe of 2018 vote

Gosh, I’m looking almost psychedelic — er, psychic — on this state election investigation in the 9th congressional district. Democrat partisans have tried to use the probe to block the seating of congressman-elect Mark Harris in the US House — citing allegations against a Republican operative in Bladen County.  But now,…

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#ncga: Leadership, lobbyists conspiring to topple Folwell?

I’ve always suspected that what WE want runs a distant second to what the deep-pocketed Raleigh lobbyists want.  This kerfuffle between the hospital lobby and treasurer Dale Folwell over reforming the state health plan is starting to confirm those suspicions. We told you earlier about…

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#ncga: The Great Timmy Telephone Tap Terror

You know life is not so going so well when people are scared to talk to you for fear of ending up part of a criminal investigation. Taking a page from John  Hood — The great English philosopher Ray Davies once opined that “Paranoia will…

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ASK and ye shall RECEIVE …

We raised questions earlier about why election day shenanigans in Bladen County were being scrutinized, but monkey business across the border in Robeson County has not.  According to reports in the national media, THAT may be changing: North Carolina election officials are investigating possible irregularities…

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#ncga: Gun Lobby targets Bill Rabon

Grass Roots North Carolina, one of the more influential Second Amendment groups in the state, is baring its fangs and showing its claws at senator Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick), chairman of the powerful Senate Rules Committee: […] It’s a sad day in Raleigh when politicians who…

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The pot calling the kettle CORRUPT

Nationwide, Democrats have had some success in snatching election victories away from Republicans AFTER election day.  Now, it looks like they might be giving it a try on a North Carolina congressional race: The 9th Congressional District race between Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan…

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaaaaaaaanges (at the top of NCGOP?)

It’s not unusual for heads to roll in an organization after an abysmal performance.  Sports teams.  political campaigns.  corporations.  It happens a lot. Conservatives have been griping, with good reason, for some time about the management of the North Carolina Republican Party.  Until this year….

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Wake County RoD: Riddick STILL trying to pick her victim’s pockets

Former Wake County Register of Deeds Laura Riddick, currently serving time for embezzlement, has filed suit to regain her state pension.  State law frowns upon stealing from the taxpayers, and allows for seizure of any pension benefits accrued during the time said crime was committed….