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Tilli$$$ speaks out on his gay rights “crusade”

  He ran on killing ObamaCare and getting more GOP judges confirmed.  Since arriving in DC in 2015, he abandoned Tom Farr and hasn’t said or done BOO about ObamaCare.   Now, faced with a primary challenge from the right in 2020, Thom Tilli$$$$ has…

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Time to give Dr. Bob AND his puppets on the school board THE BOOT

  We’ve got a huge pile of uselessness at the top of the food chain in the Moore County Public Schools.  Our superintendent, Bob Grimesey, cried on-cue and on-camera to pull his chestnuts out of the fire and reverse the decision to fire him a…

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More on gay rights activist Thom Tillis

  While most of you in the Ninth congressional district were voting yesterday, your junior US senator was being honored by gay rights activists at quite the soiree held at one of DC’s preeminent law firms.     Apparently, we had some doubters when we…

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NC-09: Dan Bishop romping through the Ninth District GOP field

  With 160 of 210 precincts reporting,  state senator Dan Bishop led the GOP field with 48 percent of the vote.  Union County commissioner Stony Rushing followed behind him with 21% of the vote, and former Mecklenburg County commissioner Matthew Ridenhour was in third place…

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Tilli$$$ to be honored as a ‘Pro-LGBTQ Republican member of Congress”

    Yessirree.  In fact, a reception is even being thrown in his honor to celebrate that designation:         Wow.  And not a conservative rating ABOVE 50 in the whole bunch.     (Looks like the cheap seats start at just under…

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NC-09: SPLAT! (What just hit the fan?)

  The Ninth Congressional District race is being redone today as the result of a state investigation.  Now, it looks like state elections authorities might have screwed up the second round:   The North Carolina State Board of Elections is investigating after absentee ballot envelopes…

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Lemons paid fines for his Harnett GOP screwups with NCGOP cash

  This story just keeps getting, um, better.   We’ve  told you about how NCGOP treasurer Jason Lemons — current Harnett County school board chairman and college buddy of David Lewis, Dee Stewart, and Dallas Woodhouse — has been serving as treasurer of the state…

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THIS drive-by HAS a point.

  Occasionally, it happens:     All of you folks who thought it was just brilliant to let Robin hang around during this whole “unpleasantness” with the US Department of Justice must now realize you’ve painted a big ol’ bulls-eye on the party.  I mean,…

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#ncpol: Harnett GOP cleaning up Jason Lemons’s mess

  He’s the money man for the state GOP.  He’s no longer the money man for the Harnett County GOP.   Jason Lemons has had more than his fair share of issues with campaign finance compliance.  Running lower-level, county organizations has been a challenge for…

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    A lot of questions get answered at the polls Tuesday.  Make sure your input is registered.    We KNOW there has been a  lot of nonsense surrounding this particular race for nearly a year.  And with recent revelations, there will likely be MORE….