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NC-09: McCready took $$$ from George Soros-funded, reported terrorist-supporting PAC

  Front Page magazine, published by conservative activist David Horowitz, says J Street — a liberal Jewish PAC based in DC — is way too kind to George Soros and accused anti-Semite, actual member of Congress, and actual Dan McCready donor  Ilhan Omar: The Left’s…

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#ncpol: The party of Medicaid Expansion ????

  Yep.  The crew that convinced all those elected Republicans in Raleigh to become WHORES for subsidized solar shysters is now working to convince the NCGOP to include Medicaid expansion in that embrace.   SO sayeth ‘Toilet boy’ at the NC Insider:      …

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NC-09: Not knowing when it’s time to shut up and go away (and getting smacked down for it)

  We’ve all known someone like Robert Pittenger. It could be an acquaintance, a coworker, a relative, a neighbor. It’s one of those folks who just doesn’t get that they’ve worn out their welcome and need to move on.   You would have thought Pittenger…

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NC-09: McCready accepted cash from radical Muslim loudmouth

  A freshman Democrat in the US House has already made a mark for herself.  Ilhan Omar — a Muslim Somali immigrant — has been  thrust into the national spotlight for alleged anti-Semitic rants.  And she’s made her mark in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District…

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NC-03: Stuff. (And more stuff.)

  CANDIDATE FORUM.  Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association — Craven County’s Tea Party organization– is hosting a candidate’s forum this Friday at 6PM. The place?  Orringer Hall Auditorium at Craven Community College.  Of the cast of twenty-six who are seeking the seat that came open with…

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NC-09: Are Democrats exaggerating / inflating McCready’s military record?

  It’s nothing new for liberals to construct conservative-sounding imagery when running in areas that normally vote Republican.  If you read what Democrats and their slobbering sycophant sidekicks in the driveby media say about young Democrat Dan McCready, you’d think DEMs had recruited GI Joe,…

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NC-09: Mr. McCready and the company he keeps

  You can often tell a lot about a person by looking at the people closest to them.  For instance, we know that Dan McCready was very cozy during the 2018 version of this race with some of the most radical leftists the nation has…

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Phase TWO of Team Forest’s hostile takeover of the Mecklenburg GOP?

  Mecklenburg County was the site of one of the worst electoral blowouts in the state for the GOP.  (Hell, the county GOP probably qualifies for FEMA funding.)  State senator Dan Bishop was the most significant elected Republican left standing after the votes were counted…

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NC-03: All 3 legislators in GOP race basically neck-and-neck in Civitas rankings

  Usually, the epithet “liberal” gets reserved for general election contests. But it is already getting tossed around  quite, um, “liberally” in the Third Congressional District GOP primary. SO, we decided to do some research to see if we actually have some liberals slithering in…

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Wow. Look at what’s brewing on Twitter.

  I swear.  I don’t know WHO to pull for on this one.   And the response?