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Hey, where’d that conservative revolution go?

  Check out the latest from the UNC-Asheville Board of Trustees:   Never underestimate the power of a bunch of squeaky-wheeled students to get the grease, or in this case, to get rid of the grease, in the fight for a more environmentally and socially…

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UNC Hospitals caught funding attack on state treasurer Dale Folwell

    A state-funded entity using taxpayer funds to wage political warfare against an elected state official.  (*Isn’t THAT special?*)   State treasurer Dale Folwell was inspired to pursue his special pricing transparency project for the state health plan by the actions of UNC Hospitals….

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N&O troll tries to clothesline Lt. Dan

  I swear.  Being vicious, smarmy, and dishonest must be a written-in-stone requirement for political writers at The money-bleeding, floundering N&O.  The little special-needs Speck boy currently holding down the job seems to keep himself afloat by cribbing from The Internet.  The Speck boy is…

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NC-03: The McIntyres (D) return Joan Perry’s favor

    For a former Democrat congressman, Mike McIntyre sure is playing a  major role in a Republican primary (in a district he doesn’t even live in).   Joan  Perry and Greg Murphy are locked in a runoff for the GOP nomination in North Carolina’s…

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‘Draining the swamp’? Officially, now a JOKE.

    With President Trump’s endorsement of the man whose biggest dream upon arriving in DC was chairing the National Republican Senatorial Committee,  we can officially attach a ‘jk’  (just kidding) emoji to Trump’s whole ‘Drain The Swamp meme.   Trump came out with an…

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Cheering The Obstruction of Justice

  During the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s,  liberals were outraged — OUTraged — by local sheriffs and police departments refusing to cooperate with federal agents in the protection of civil rights protesters and the taming of the KKK.   It was — rightfully…

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#ncga: Steinburg, Hanig group-hug with leftists on the environment

  Yep. I am sooooo sure that THIS is what all of you voted for in 2018:   Regardless of personal views, state officials agree that climate change is happening, and work must be done to protect North Carolina’s coastline.   Friday morning state and…

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NC-03: Early voting numbers looking good for Greg Murphy

  That’s the take from Civitas:   […W]hile [Joan] Perry has won the headlines this week, there is evidence that [Greg] Murphy is quietly winning the vote. Through the first two days of early (one stop absentee) voting, turnout in Pitt County has far outpaced…

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Oh, look! Even MORE polling. (Cooper over Forest. Tillis in the toilet.)

  Civitas has teamed up with Harper polling to  take state voters’ temperature about the 2020 election.  Here’s some of what they found:     Granted, this was taken earlier this month. Cooper’s lead is outside the margin of error, but that 16% undecided number…

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STILL kicking the late senator Helms

  Our very own state Republican Party downplays the memory of Jesse Helms — despite the fact that HE was a tremendous force in making the GOP a power player in eastern North Carolina.  The vile knuckle-draggers in  the N&O and Charlotte Observer newsrooms did…