N&O Punk: Trump fans JUST LIKE The Klan


And you wonder why their reporters are all over social media pitching 99 cents unlimited digital access “deals” for subscribing to their rag.  It’s hard to find another business that has such a lack of respect for the general public — its pool of potential customers.



Like he dug this up ALL BY HIMSELF.



Here’s an enlargement of the sign Mr. “Gay Stuff” and his Motor City pal were trying to highlight:



Really?  This is sooooo over the top.  Even for that money-bleeding rag that would dare to employ young Colon (who better give that baby back to its parents before he gets in big trouble).


Let’s actually look at who has the truer KKK ties.  The Daniels family, who founded The N&O, allowed it to become the official propaganda rag for the North Carolina Democrat Party and white supremacy — according to your very own Rob Christensen ( The Paradox of North Carolina Politics, 2008).    In 2006,   McClatchy — who bought The N&O from the Daniels family — officially apologized for the paper’s role in agitating and encouraging the 1898 race rioting and mass murder in Wilmington.


Campbell followed up his original tweet from with an excerpt from  the late legislator (Guess which party?) and college professor Paul Luebke.



(Pretty impressive way to slime all those people who came to see Trump in Greenville without actually saying it himself.  The weaselly little punk.)


There is all kinds of physical evidence out there demonstrating how evil and destructive communism is.  (It may not be a problem to the denizens of The N&O newsroom.)


And if you aren’t smart enough to tell the difference between “America — love it or leave it” and “This is Klan country – love it or leave it” ,  GOD HELP YOU.


5 thoughts on “N&O Punk: Trump fans JUST LIKE The Klan

  1. Give them hell, Brant. Todd Starnes said it best about the Trump rally in Greenville, ” It is a political rally, not a church service “. American Patriots are sick and tired of hearing Democrat bottom feeders trashing America, and no complaints from the media. For too long we have been silent about these anti-American Democrats, who encourage, support, and propagate this anti-American disease. We need to hang this around their necks, and give them enough rope, that when the 2020 Election comes, that rope is going to snap tight, and will swing their Socialist/Communist ass high, and dry. Anyone that votes for a Democrat, knowing what the Democrat Party stands for today, to call them a moron, or an imbecile would be exalting them to a much higher intelligence level.

  2. Harry, we agree with your sentiment, but how are you going to “hang this around their necks”? We all want to do that, but we don’t have the megaphone/media. Talk Radio is virtually dead, we have one newspaper with unfortunately low circulation, no TV stations will carry our message, YouTube as demonetizing conservative broadcasters, Twitter is shadow banning conservative tweeters. Way too many old white male Republicans don’t know how to send an email in an environment dominated by social media. What happens from here? The only way we can get coverage is to buy it. How are donations to the party going? I think we’re fooling ourselves. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. I had been a press guy for years but things are different now.

    It’s time for Republicans to stop returning these people’s calls. The only people who read stories on politics are political junkies. There is nothing to gain by dealing with these people anymore.

    This is counter to what we were taught 30 years ago but things are different today. The press used to lean left but usually was fair.

    Today these “journalists” see themselves as Social Justice Warriors. Talking to a member of the press today is literally no different than talking to the Dems op researchers. There is no difference. They are the same. #CutThemOff

  4. How disingenuous, to say that KKK style racism, a Democrat phenomenon, gave rise to the growth of the Republican Party in North Carolina, as if it had been Republicans who approved of that racism. If anything, that very Democrat racism is one of the things the Republican Party in North Carolina has clearly opposed. So if it gave rise to the growth of the Republican Party in North Carolina, it was because our Party rejects racism.

  5. If they want to see a group that is like the Klan, it is Antifa, which has got the whole Klan violence thing down perfectly, including being masked when they attack people.

    Trump fans do not attack people. Antifa thugs DO, and Antifa supports the Democrats..

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