Jim Womack’s NEXT chapter


We came across this on social media:



The Conservative Coalition of North Carolina appears to be the end-result of a merger between three major Tea Party activist groups in western North Carolina.  With the addition of Womack from the eastern part of the state, they appear to be making it clear they plan  to  expand statewide.


I understand they’re new and getting used to each other.  But I noticed on their “candidates we support” page that they’re supporting state Rep. Josh Dobson for Labor Commissioner.  Dobson spearheaded the passage of HB184, which attempted to cripple state treasurer Dale Folwell’s ability to manage the state health plan.


Dobson also had a little issue with spending his campaign funds on “international travel for legislative duties.”

3 thoughts on “Jim Womack’s NEXT chapter

  1. Dobson…who also introduced Medicaid Expansion….who took this year alone 100k in health care PACs…blocked repeal of Certificate of Need bill so control on who builds hospitals..and lastly how can a non businessman run Labor Department without screwing small businesses with excessive regulations. ACTIVIST REVOLT ON THIS ENDORSEMENT. Womack is smarter than this BS

  2. The Organization also includes groups from the East. Liberty First, which started in Wake County years ago. Great Organization. I believe they wanna see wins from the top down. Dobson is the only confirmed Candidate at this point. Evaluations are done periodically on Candidates…

  3. Jim Womack is a warrior, a winner, a conservative leader and a friend. I will support his path wherever it leads until proven otherwise. You could almost call the bag-on-the-head the mark of what is referred to in the tech world as “an early adopter”…those who see the future and embrace it. Go Jim and his wonderful spouse Sherry-Lynn, the Party needs more of them.

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