NC-09: Leigh Brown. The story keeps getting, um, “better.”



She tried to run for governor as an independent in 2012.  She primaried state legislator (and conservative stalwart) Larry Pittman in 2014.  In 2015, she donated cash to congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY) — since vanquished by AOC — and the ethically challenged George Costanza doppelganger Wayne Goodwin.  


In 2019, Leigh Brown is trying to go to Congress.  She’s getting all kinds of publicity about the multi-million $$$s that national realtor groups are pouring into the promotion of her campaign.   But her activism in the real estate industry appears to be making a helluva good case for keeping her right where she is in Cabarrus County.


Brown has been “a fundraising liaison” for the National Association of Realtors since 2018.   (She’s been involved in fundraising for realtor PACs for longer than that.)  According to The Center for Public Integrity,  the National Association of Realtors has been the third largest contributor to  Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrat Caucus.  All while dear Mrs. Brown has been a “fundraising consultant.”


The National Association of Realtors is also credited with pumping more than $22 million into a national effort to kill President Trump’s tax reform efforts on Capitol Hill.


Brown quit her fundraising work for the real estate industry just in time for them to kick-start a $1.3 million promotional effort to boost her campaign.   Even LIBERALS are appalled. 



4 thoughts on “NC-09: Leigh Brown. The story keeps getting, um, “better.”

  1. This effort by special interests to buy this seat illustrates the danger of the 30% threshold to avoid a primary. Such an outside effort could almost certainly not crack an actual majority, but the lower the threshold becomes the more likely it is to succeed. If this liberal plant is the nominee, a lot of conservative voters will sit home on general election day.

    We have to remember who it was that took this lousy idea to the legislature, and that was Crooked Robin Hayes, Dallas Woodhouse, and Tom Stark, and they did it without any authority from or even knowledge by any party policy making body. They undoubtedly did it to bolster Tillis in a primary, but this is dangerous in other races as well.

  2. We have received mail from two candidates, her and Bishop here in Mint Hill.

    Both are impressive, and now that we know a little more about Brown we will lean toward Bishop.

    Fern we love but getting an honest Lawyer in that den of Washington is necessary.

  3. We have to keep making the public aware of the scams and just down right dirty politics to everyone so we know the backstabbers are to Trump. The more we reveal and post the brighter the color RED becomes.

  4. Why would anyone let a slick campaign brochure convince
    them to vote for a particular candidate? Bishop’s mailer did not tell you
    that he voted against Mark Harris and for a new election. Do your research.

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