NC-09: Stony, meet Fern.


Tne first day of filing ended with confirmation of a Republican primary.   (Libertarian Jeff Scott, who was in the 2018 edition of this race, also returned to the fold.)

Former state Rep. (1994-2002) and state senator (2002-2004) Fern Shubert of Union  County has thrown her hat into the ring for the sequel to the Ninth Congressional district race.  Shubert was a strong conservative voice while in Raleigh, and rose to the rank of Senate minority whip.

She was a harsh critic of then-senator Robert Pittenger’s ethics,  and has found herself frequently at odds with current NCGOP chairman (and former state House member) Robin Hayes.

Since leaving the legislature, Shubert has  made unsuccessful runs for governor (2004) and state auditor (2012).   She’s been an anti-tax activist in her home region.   She’s also worked as an interim town administrator and a CPA.

7 thoughts on “NC-09: Stony, meet Fern.

  1. I know Fern well. We’ve been trying to straighten out her private crusade in Marshville that has kept the town from economic development for much to long.
    At some point the problems have to be fixed not just pointed out. Unfortunately Fern forgot that and chose to attack friends and foes alike.

  2. If you’re a conservative and want to make a difference you don’t enter a race that already has a conservative running. Is t that what happened when Harris entered the race against Brannon for the senate seat giving it to Tillis? This is why democrats kick our a$$es. They don’t split the vote or waste money on primaries that is needed in the generals… unite for America maga

  3. The big danger for conservatives both here and in the 3rd is conservatives dividing the vote and an unrepresentative establishment type walking away with the nomination with that anti-grassroots new 30% threshold for avoiding a runoff. 40% was bad enough and 30% just dreadful. It needs to be a real majority. We need to remember the three musketeers who went over to the legislature, without telling any policy making party body, and did this to us – Woodhouse, Hayes, and Stark. Stark is dead, but the other two need to be run out of the party for that underhanded power play.

  4. Fern, will do a better job than anyone. She has a proven record of standing up for all of us, the people. There will be no RINO lies with her.
    Good luck Fern.

    1. I totally agree with Hood L. Richardson. I know Fern is a true conservative who will do the job for WE THE PEOPLE. I will be campaigning for this real TRUE TO FORM lady Fern.

  5. Hayes, Woodhouse, and John Lewis, now running for Vice Chair, they all need to be run out of the party for this and manny other reasons. We have no representation with these feckless folks in charge of the NCGOP!

  6. Fern is the candidate who will remain true to her word. She does not hide behind any slogans nor does she have skeletons that create issues of character for her. Stony needs to clean out his closet. IMO anyone who would violate promises and covenants in his private life would not honor any promise made publicly.

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