NC-03: Nix quits NCGOP


The NCGOP vice-chairman post, that is.  Here’s our boy Dallas:

You would think Dallas was a BOSS giving a sendoff to a respected, departing employee.  WOW. 

It’s been one of the worst kept secrets out there that Michele Nix was running for Congress.  Who can forget, back in the waning days of the  2018 primary campaign for the Third district, when  she was chasing down Walter Jones seeking his blessing for a 2020 run?

This whole resignation thing has been a long time in the making.  A lot of folks — including this site — had been griping about Nix traveling around on speaking engagements as party vice-chairman while sounding a lot like a congressional candidate.

Well. it appears someone has finally talked some sense into her.

Nix ran for the VC job as a Tea Partier, but grew quite comfortable at the top with Robin Hayes and Dallas Woodhouse.  (And Dallas sincerely sounds like he’s going to miss her.) 

Now, this raises a new question.  Two people – Miriam Chu and John Lewis — are already out there campaigning for what was to be an open vice-chairman seat at this summer’s NCGOP convention.  Will NCGOP leaders simply leave the post vacant until convention delegates can vote in a new candidate?  Or will they appoint an interim vice-chairman — say, Lewis — who can serve through the election of a new vice-chairman?

The party has been rolling right along with an absentee chairman.  The VC job has no real power.  You could leave it vacant until the election, let Dallas keep running the party into the ground, and no one will notice the difference.  

Nix already has a high-powered congressional campaign team in place:  fundraising queen Madison Shook and uber-consultant Johnny Shull, business partner and sidekick to conservative radio sensation Chad Adams.

She finished a surprising THIRD in  the Third Congressional District straw poll, the other night, behind state Rep. Mike Speciale (1) and Greg Murphy (2).

6 thoughts on “NC-03: Nix quits NCGOP

  1. Well with Johnny Shull running her campaign, how can she lose? Maybe she can double down and hire the Red Doom Group as well just to make sure she wins lol…

  2. A new vice chairman cannot be just “appointed”. They would have to win election in front of the state executive committee. If the Woodhouse / Hayes faction thinks that electorate is more favorable to their very liberal candidate, they will probably try to jam down a state executive committee meeting to do that so he can run as an incumbent at the convention. But playing that power game could easily backfire on Hayes own campaign. March and April weekends are filled with county and district conventions, so it is a very chaotic time to try to call a meeting for a term of 2 to 3 months.

  3. She was honestly not qualified to be VC at least two important times when the party needed her to use good judgement and she did not

    1. about a year into her being VC she was kicked out of the central committee meeting for not signing a nondisclosure agreement and came out of the meeting crying and upset about what had just happened and then she failed to inform the EXcom committee to what had just happened during her VC statement at the meeting like 30 mins or so later. She acted like nothing had just happened did not use this opportunity to inform the people in the party of the detrimental actions the CC was doing to the party trying to hide all the actions they were taking and the war they were making against the elected chairman at that time

    2. When she had a chance to stand up try to repair the broken state party and support a change in the Chairmanship of the NCGOP in 2017 she refused to take a side in the race between Hayes and Womack. Two years later the state party is no better off and she in her role as VC did not help make it better. She said in her statement today that “she is not a politician running for selfish reasons” clearly when she had a chance to no be selfish she clearly took the easy road and that was not endorsing Womack when it would really would have mattered but it would have put her in the direct aim of the Hayes machine in doing that

    The conservatives in the republican party backed her in 2015 and worked to get her elected and she left her Grassroots / Tea Party values behind to play the establishment games with state party leadership and now that she is running for congress conveniently found them again. But yea some might remember when she said to paraphrase “we are republican party not the conservative one” I hope 3rd district voters will have open eyes and seek out the real conservatives in this race since there are a few much better choices for the people of the 3rd

    She says this is not about seeking personal power but it clearly seems like this is more about herself than serving the people if she would have wanted to serve the people then she would have supported what was right in the party when she was VC

  4. I expect Dr. Murphy to win. The 3rd District is much more liberal since Walter’s first election. Dr. Murphy is a middle of the road type and is not really a politician. He lives in Greenville and has much exposure. Ms. Nix is from Kinston which is not exactly of great importance to the district.

    1. The danger with a 30% standard to avoid a runoff is that an unrepresentative establishment moderate like Murphy could end up with the nomination with the conservative vote divided, but more likely with as many candidates as are in the race, he will end up in a one on one runoff with a conservative, and then Murphy is political roadkill. The southern half of Pitt County is in the 3rd District, but the northern half including most of the city of Greenville is not. All of Lenoir County (Kinston) is in the 3rd. The district is not more liberal since Walter was elected, but is more conservative as shown by a lot more Republicans elected to lower offices within the district since Walter first went to Congress. Indeed, the City of Greenville itself has just elected its first Republican mayor, ever.

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