NCGOP staffer seeking more ways to “work with Democrats”

Grier Martin beat her brains out (electorally) on Election Day.  She campaigned for the House while on the state GOP payroll.  (Her campaign website included boasting about how her greatest accomplishments included getting resolutions passed at Young Republican meetings.)

She’s blasted Republicans for not being cozier with “progressive” political activists.  (She even joined some RINO calls for moi to leave the NCGOP.)

Hang on to your hats, folks.  Catherine Whiteford , the Young Republicans wonder-girl, has something new to say:

Yes.  That’s the same Grier Martin who rudely ranted about President Trump as a “soft coward” who should “not come back” to North Carolina.

He’s a big environmentalist, and a loyal supporter of the gay rights movement. Not exactly a ‘blue dog’ ready to switch sides.

And the queen of the NC Young Republicans — on the party payroll — is seeking him out as a political partner.

I always thought the state GOP was about promoting the Republican Party and its platform.  There’s not a whole lot in Grier Martin’s agenda that even comes close to anything in the GOP platform. 

16 thoughts on “NCGOP staffer seeking more ways to “work with Democrats”

  1. The best way to have higher education reform is for the government to get out of it that would be the correct conservative value

      1. Then clearly this needs to be removed from the Constitution… I mean really college is a waste we have this thing called the internet that you can find more than one would ever learn in a college classroom #DefundPublicEducation

        1. Learning to think and evaluate for oneself is paramount to being educated. There is as much junk (maybe more) on the internet as there is truth. So I would be VERY suspicious of anyone who claims to be educated by the internet.

          1. college cannot teach one to think it can only teachs people to follow. Professors do not like it when you think for yourself they just want students to get in line and answer the multiple choice questions that by the way does not convert to real life usable knowledge

            most people on YouTube are better than any college professor I ever had

          2. And don’t forget how good government schools are at teaching kids how to scream stupid communist rhymes into microphones.

  2. It is always distressing to read of party or legislative staff who do seem to comprehend which side they are on. It really makes you wonder why someone like this was hired for NCGOP staff, or why this guy was hired for the leadership staff at the legislature:

    There was a time when there were some rational people in the Democrat Party, but that time is long past. Working with rabid socialists is simply not productive.

  3. The NC GOP is in a tailspin. There is no leadership to be seen anywhere. RINO Republicanism is destroying all the progress we made in years past. Truly awful to watch.

  4. You know what’s also awful to watch? A pathetic blog tear down GOP women. Maybe put in some work to advance what you think is right rather than slamming young women who want to make a difference.

    1. This blog is pretty fair when it comes to holding both men and women accountable, and that is called equalit

    2. My reading of this site shows that it exposes liberals – men and women – and it promotes conservatives including young women like Candice Hunter.

      The particular young woman who is the subject of this thread is clearly a liberal who wants to surrender to Democrat policies. We do not need that from men or women who hold positions in our party, and the site has also “torn down” both old and young men who surrender to Democrat policy.

    3. It has nothing to do with her gender but everything to do with people holding and promoting bad values and values that go against Republican principles and the Republican State and National platform

      Example people calling themselves republican promoting LBGTQA576321ZXER values are not republican

    4. The Haymaker is my go to source for succinct facts & logic on local & domestic issues. Facts are just facts. Gender,or skin color have nothing to do with making illogical choices. There is nothing to accomplish by appeasing radical leftists who want to destroy the Judeo-Christian values that our country was founded on. When the woman who was under investigation, who violated the Espionage Act was a candidate for president and lost, it had nothing to do with her gender. It’s pathetic when some republican women don’t have the guts to stand up for Judeo-Christian/American values. Many of us voted for Sarah Palin-not McCain. Palin had the guts to support Trump’s great policies from the get go.

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