Exit Mrs. Nix?

It’s been one of the worst kept secrets in NC politics that NCGOP vice-chairman Michele Nix has her eyes on bigger prizes (like, say, the Third Congressional District seat in Washington).

Word is already circulating among NCGOP activists that Nix is laying the groundwork for stepping down from the state GOP’s #2 spot.  Tied to that talk is word that Nix is endorsing a candidate to replace her in state GOP leadership:  Guilford County GOP’s vice-chairman Tina Forsberg.   

Forsberg has a LinkedIn profile touting her work as 13th congressional district treasurer. The profile also discusses her involvement with The Greater Greensboro Republican Women.

The NCGOP got pounded pretty hard in November.  Guilford County Republicans suffered heavy losses along the lines of their fellow GOPers in Wake and Mecklenburg counties.

Nix and Robin Hayes presided over a mess in November.  You have to ask: HOW wise is it to replace someone who presided over a state-level mess with someone who presided over one at a little more localized level? 

For the record, I hear of at least ONE MORE serious candidate eyeing a run for vice-chairman — regardless of whether Nix stays or goes. 

7 thoughts on “Exit Mrs. Nix?

  1. Nothing against her at all, just personally like the idea of a fresh start all around, fresh ideas and somebody with no reason to have any connections to the current regime.

    1. everyone should have something against her in how she handled herself during the time the elected chairman was being ejected from the party. She had a chance to help tell the truth to the executive committee when he had just been ejected from the central committee and she did not…. this was a big misstep for the party but it was good for her to keep her position the question is what is more important party of position

      also she would not give public support for Jim Womack when he was running for chairman she choose to stand with Hayes this should also be a BIG BLACK mark on her and her political future

      she does not need any position with more power than her current Vice Chairmanship ….. Not Congress and Not Chairman of the state party

      1. Her huge change in how she functioned as vice chairman from the image she portrayed in running for that office should raise red flags about her running for Congress. The stench of Renee Ellmers is very strong here. Nix ran as a conservative Tea Party voice in the party, and turned into a yes-woman for the establishment. While I doubt she would have the “personal” leadership relations that Ellmers had, she undoubtedly would be as much of a lap puppy for RINO McCarthy.

        We also need to ask if this new candidate were picked by Nix or by Woodhouse.

        1. I originally supported Michele Nix for vice chair because I considered her a friend, and I thought she was a liberty loving Tea party conservative. For all the reasons listed above and more, she has lost my support for anything. She has disappointed me greatly.

          1. In the state convention were Hassan Harnett and Michelle Nix were originally elected, I went planning on voting for both. I did vote for Harnett. About a third of the way through Ms. Nix’ speech before the vote I decided not to vote for her.

            There are times when I really don’t enjoy being right.

          2. Funny coincidence you should say that. Earlier this month I overheard a county chairman discussing her, saying that she epitomizes the old saying about how you thought you knew someone….and then you don’t even recognize them anymore.

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