#ncga, #ncpol: Drill,baby,drill?

Speaking of those Outer Banks — where EVERYBODY already has a job — the issue of offshore drilling is a hot topic this election season.

In the NC House district 6 primary,  challenger Bobby Hanig has gone on record opposing offshore drilling in the region — citing a possible negative effect on tourism. 

The incumbent in that race, state Rep. Beverly Boswell, is supporting the idea of offshore drilling.  Her campaign is touting the findings of this 2014 study for Dare County government which appears to show a total economic impact for Dare County alone at 3,983 new jobs and $203 million in new investment / income.   Dare is but one of the handful of North Carolina counties bordering the Atlantic Ocean. 

5 thoughts on “#ncga, #ncpol: Drill,baby,drill?

  1. Thank goodness for Beverly Boswell’s good sense and strength of character. Yes! We DO need to “drill, baby, drill !!

  2. The question people never ask is if every car and truck on the road was electric where would all the power come from to charge them?

  3. Better management of Solar Energy Farms and Wind Turbines! No to Drillings and Sesimic Testings unless managed as Louisiana prevent killing all Marine Life, with dead fish washing on shores and in the Sounds and Oceans.

    1. The issue on wind and solar is not management. It is that the technology is not ready for prime time and likely never will be. Solar does not produce anything if it is nighttime or is cloudy or the panels are covered with snow, frost, or ice. Wind does not produce if the wind is not blowing or blowing too hard. They are intermittent sources that must have expensive backup, and they are already the most expensive way to produce energy to begin with. The only way they can survive in the market is by massive government subsidy, either from the taxpayers or the ratepayers or both.

      Would you prefer millions of dead birds?

      see http://www.savetheeaglesinternational.org

      Or your electric bills doubling or even tripling to pay for expensive and unreliable solar and wind?

      see http://www.stopthesethings.com

      We do NOT need the Obama legacy of “green energy” or phony GOP politicians who support it.

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